Which SMLE?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by clayp1g, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. After nearly six years of trying, and a big helping hand from Ugly, I have eventually convinced my local Plod that I can add two more rifles to my collection.

    I have got a slot for a .223 and an .303. I have a contender for the .223. It's the .303 I am unsure about. My dilemma is this which SMLE do I go for the No 3, like Granddad carried through WW1 and WW2 (as he was older and home defence I am guessing he would not have had the No4). Or do I go for the No4 as carried by my father during National Service.

    So which, in you considered opinions is the better to; buy, shoot, own and what do I look out for (are there any to avoid, any thing I need to know about when looking).

    I would like to use the above SMLE for deer, as well as Tgts. Any advice for rounds would be appreciated.

    Thanks and over to you.

  2. Well if you want a SMLE then it has to be a MkIII, a No4 isn't a SMLE, it's a No4!
  3. Best thing is to go somewhere where you can examine a big selection of Enfields, and then see what "grabs" you. No4s are superb all-rounders and intrinsically easier to shoot accurately than a No1, but No1s are redolent with the sense of epic history - and often bear the evidence.

    Coming up in October is the Trafalgar arms fair at Bisley.

    Coming up on 11th September is an NRA Open Day at Bisley where HBSA/LERA will have a wide selection of Enfields that you can actually shoot and try out.

    Whereabouts are you? If you're anywhere near M25 Junct6, then you're welcome to come on over to my place and have a look at the sort of rifles available (I'm an RFD/collector, and have about 100 Enfields at present, including a couple of fine ex-Ugly guns...).

    (An now for some gratuitous Enfield photos......)



  4. Bottom picture, third from the right.... is that an extended magazine?
  5. I think its the 7.62 version of the no4. The magazine looks square compared to the 303 version.
  6. Its one of the three types of 7.62mm magazine fitted to 7.62mm Enfield conversions. Its actually a Sterling magazine (top and bottom in photo), which was included in their commercial kit intended to convert .303 No4s to 7.62mm. The Enfield version (centre) is slightly more angled. The third version was made by Ishapore in India and resembles an SLR mag (third from right in the "purple" pic above).

  7. Lovely collection there 4(t)
    I will have to have a trip to this open day, just found out that the guy who runs the historic side of the shooting club here at pirbright has been posted, with no replacement apparently
  8. Wish I had friends like that!!
  9. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    4(T) could you check your PM's please?
  10. If anyone is still after a SMLE i am looking to sell mine, 1918 dated, 1956 FTR'd with new barrel. Currently with a parker hale Diopter rear sight in good working order. Currently for SOR at Adenbourne (Witney). If any one is Interested i will let them know to knock the price down on what they have posted it up as.
    They have listed up on their web site so you can have a gander.
    Adenbourne Fieldsports
  11. ....and if anybody has any 7.62 no.4 magazines then please do let me know. :)