Which screensaver/desktop/theme

I've just recently formatted my hard drive and performed a complete re-install of Windows, and was amazed at how bland Windows looks without my old themes. Admittedly they were only the themes that came on Microsoft Plus!, but better than nothing eh. I've had a look on the net to try and find something to tart up my UI, and so far this is the best I can find;


They're not too bad, but I don't believe for a minute that this is the best the world has to offer (ahem, for free that is). Anyone else got any suggestions?
Boinc is pretty good. This is a volunteer/grid computing system that uses your spare processing time to "cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research".

I use it hooked up to the SETI project. If my computer discovers the alien radio signal it will always be known as the 'Gun Nut signal'! Oh - and the screensaver is pretty cool too!
BOINC is good. Apart from using up megawatts of energy on your machine, that is, and filling up the space above your house with Carbon Dioxide. It'll be the death of everything on Earth, mark my words.

I can stare at the 3D live graph for hours, though.
If you buy the latest edition of Computer Active, there's an article in there on how to change the program in Windows so you can add themes instead of the usual Windows themes, XP, Classic etc. I did it and now have 3 more on my 'puter, they're pretty smart too, better than looking at the usual boring ones :wink:
I use Windows Blinds, great interface, easy to use and has loads of user created desktops/themes ect.

Google it for free trials - certain elements you have to pay for but worth it imho

Mr Happy

FWIW, Star Alliance, the airline points company has a cool screen saver where yoiu can see real-time (based on schedules, not actual live feed) the locations of *A planes everywhere in the world:

Not the best screen shot but you can see the daylight/nighttime thing and the dots are planes.

You can speed it up too and see those little fuskers go!
Second the BOINC one above. Some of the screesavers are well cool - and you get to feel good about just leaving the 'puter turned on.
Try this if you fancy a linux look to XP. Google around, theres hundreds of ways to customise the UI. I'm completely the opposite, i work to try and make the desktop look exactly the same as it did when i done my win2k courses.

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