which sand bags?

I'm wondering which are the best sandbags to have strapped above my utility pouches at the back.

I've seen british army ones but they smell funny when wet and the string always falls off when trying to tie them up.
I've also seen american ones that look to be made of the stuff like that 'urban cam' stuff that is used for first stage cam etc but may be a little shiny

any views?
Take it you want said sandbags to stop the pain when people punch you in the kidneys for asking for sandbags?

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to talk or act in a way that makes someone lose interest and become tired:
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BM - Thanks for sorting out my insomnia.
I find the 'Builder's professional' range from all good B&Q Stores. I find not only are the Sandbags Strong and Durable but they also come in a variety of colours. Also if you shave them they can also double as a Towel, Pillow, etc..

Try Here Sanbags For Professionals
I think the choice really depends on the finish of the carabiner you have attached to your yoke - you do have a carabiner attached to your yoke, don't you? - you want all your accessories to go well together in addition to giving that distinctive 'been there, done that' image. Also, think about the trim situation on your helmet - do you have the strip of inner tube and the grenade ring or is your elastic still elastic? Finally, think about your general bungee situation - you wouldn't want your sandbags to clash with your bungees, would you?
I've got some genuine SAS/PARA/COMMANDO sand bags.

PM me for prices.
dude, get a life.
does it really matter?


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I suggest you carry your sandbags prefilled to save you valuable minutes when you arrive on site.
Are they for 'Baggin and Taggin' purposes or to rest your (no-doubt) very snazzy sniper rifle on?

If its the former then surely you'll want em to match your plasti-cuffs, as self respecting POOSOW (Prisoner of Operations Short Of War) will want his accroutriments to clash.............

If its the latter, then you have to take the ground into consideration, the greeny ones for green places and the sandy ones for......... well you get the idea.......
If they are for resting on whilst taking aim then I find a good fabric conditioner is always useful because it stops all that unneccessary chaffing.

Another excellent top tip to adopt as 'best practice' is too ensure you sew in a good quality name tag so that your sand bag does not get mixed up with anyone elses. It saves all the embarrassing name calling in the event of a mix up and then you can both laugh heartedly about it afterwards.
I suggest 2 on the utility pouches 2 on each leg and 2 round the neck all full and a quick swim in the oggin,you can swim can't you?
I hear that Laura Ashley HOLIDAY FLORAL RMC is so in this year:


or perhaps MITFORD CHECK CHARCOAL/NATURAL for those more covert moments

Mike_2817 said:
I hear that Laura Ashley HOLIDAY FLORAL RMC is so in this year:


or perhaps MITFORD CHECK CHARCOAL/NATURAL for those more covert moments

Is the third design for chavs in uniform so as not to clash with burberry hat and hairdresser saxo car????


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Mike_2817 said:
I hear that Laura Ashley HOLIDAY FLORAL RMC is so in this year:

Vital for those early summer exercises just as the flowers are blooming in the meadow. Plus, it would make a darling headscarf for the evenings! SOOOOOPER SWEETIE!!
Mmmm yes, lets see....sandbags, i've suffered the same problems with my sandbags its that smell you see, especially when its put over your head. I do like the idea of prefilling it always was a chore filling them up. Come to think of it I remember the UN ones they were white plastic, trying to stack them was a prob though, they kept slipping off. A jute factory in Dundee used to make them, wonder if they still do.

I think someone needs to take a long hard look at themselves, come on SANDBAGS? Maybe some of the walt mags will do an artice on this versatile piece of kit....." This month we will be looking at SANDBAGS in what kit..." Maybe a documentary on Sky, Battlefront - THE SANDBAG.

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