Which route to Minden area of Germany?

Dear All,

I haven't driven back to my old stomping grounds for a few years (always flown into Hannover) and will be going over in the summer to visit the Frau's grandmother with the kids, i have two routes to chose from.

1) Harwich - Hook Holland - Germany (around 4 hours driving and 7 hours sailing on the cheap boat)

2) Dover - Calais - Germany (around 9 hours driving and 1 hour on the boat)

Anybody do the long drive back to blighty on a regular basis and could give me any advice on which is the best route to take?

Thanks in advance

It depends on how you are for cash. I always go Dover - Dunkirque with Norfolk Line ferry's, always the cheapest. Then its about 6 hour drive to Minden, depending on time of day etc. If you have mates still in Germany, get them to give you some fuel tokens, not that I am in any way shape or form advocating contavention of BFG standing orders :wink:
Cheap tunnel or ferry?

Clickity click

Dover dash or the calais rally everytime. Make sure you observe the speed limits in Belguim, France and Holland and when you cross into Germany anything goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I nearly always use Hook - Harwich, less driving and the roads are pretty straightforward. The main reason though is you miss out France :)
Thanks for all the advice, the Harwich - Hook is looking good as I can leave later in the day and less driving, point to note looked at booking fees for the date I wanted to go £201.00 the English site (Stenna Site) German one from the link above wanted £319.00

Are you guys getting ripped off?

Once again thanks for the comments


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