which role in the signals sees the most combat

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mcloving96, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello everybody,

    SERIOUS QUESTION: I'm considering joing the 'signals' when i leave school, but i want to be in a role that sees a bit of combat/action. which role would be the best for this? I want to see a bit of combat because what is the point in joining the army if your not going to do any 'actual' soldering (probably a bit niave)

    thanks for any response's in advance
  2. Easily Techs. Much easier to hide a PS3 in the workshop and play COD all day than it is for the Operators in the hangar you see.

    If you desperately want to get shot at join the infantry. It's really not all that much fun though.
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  3. I would have said Lineys, they certainly see more fighting on a Friday night than the rest of us :)

    But seriously, folks....

    If you want to see serious combat, join a Combat Arm. However, there are currently (and I stress currently) opportunities to be attached to a Infantry Support Team if that sort of thing floats your boat. But how much longer that will continue for, I don't know.
  4. haha

    my dad wouldn't let me he wants me to get a trade. What would be the best role for trade training and getting deplyed on operations, thanks?
  5. Someone on here the other day said that the RSISTs are already dead and will go when Herrick ends. A great shame for the Corps if it happens.

    Why on earth you'd join the Signals and choose your trade based on who gets shot at more rather than what you're qualified for or what gives the best future opportunities or even what job sounds like the most fun makes no sense whatsoever to me though.
  6. For trade training? Depends how you get on with your BARB test, TST, etc

    Your trade generally speaking has very little bearing on if you go on Ops, it's more to do with what unit you get posted to and what their Op Commitments are like.
  7. There isn't one. All trades deploy on ops and probably share a roughly equal chance of being shot at since it just depends on what location you end up at on tour. If you've not even started the selection process yet you've probably got very little chance of even seeing Afghanistan before we do a runner anyway.

    Why are you so desperate to get to shot at anyway? It's roughly as much fun as having large groups of sweaty Arabs trying to kill you sounds.
  8. Tell your dad to f*ck off. It's not him who has to live life every day doing a job he doesn't fundamentally want to do, it's you.

    If you want to join the infantry join the infantry, it's your life and you're better doing a job YOU want to do than doing a job somebody else wants you to do.
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  9. Ah, the sweet naivety of youth :)
  10. ok thanks dinosaur poo, i'll tell him straight later haha, but i have to think about the end game if i was going to join the infantry, my dad keeps saying "you've got to get a proper trade or you'll be on your ass when your in civvy street'
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  12. ass bandit
  13. Cum recepticle.
  14. Listen to your dad, the only thing guaranteed about an army career is that one day you will leave the army. However, there is nothing stopping you from joining an infantry Regiment then re-trading at some point in the future if that is your wish.

    Just to echo points made above, be careful what you wish for, getting shot at/blown up and watching people getting hurt or killed, maybe even your mates, is no fun really.

    Good luck for whichever route into an Army career you decide upon.
  15. Which shows how much he knows. This isn't 20 years ago where a trade guaranteed you a job. Most corps lads I know do something completely different in civvy street to what they did in green. Usually owing to the fact that the trade that was going to earn them mega bucks is now flat on its arse.

    It pisses me off lads wanting to join but already thinking of leaving. If a trade is that important then **** off to a building site with all the other thick, overweight, lying, dirty ***** and complain that you don't get paid enough for drinking tea and sitting on your arse.

    Live for the now. If infantry is what you want then stop being all weak titty and sign up. Dad won't let me my arse. ******* youth.........etc, etc.
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