which reigment to chose in rac

hi im am very keen to join an armoured regiment in the rac and im stuck between choosing 2 rtr or krh. im living in Somerset i know 2 rtr recruit locally to me but im also very close like less than 10 mile to Wiltshire the krh recruiting area. sorry for going on but what i was hoping to find out which regiment is more highly regarded and more active operationally and generally would be better to join.

also i know 2 rtr is amalgamating so is their much point going for that. btw i have done research and i can only get broad info nothing in depth in helping me make my choice.

my gut instinct was to join 2 rtr but by the time i get in they would be coming back from afgan thus i miss the tour then they amalgamate btw i am in no means a gun crazy cod playing teenager i just want to do a tour with my regiment rather than be the only one who didnt go to afgan.

sorry for going on any response would be appreciated and thank you
Well 2RTR and KRH are both MBT regiments; so roles, training etc won't differ hugely from one another. 1RTR and 2RTR are amalgamating as you said, however that doesn't mean they are suddenly going to become a crappy regiment, so of course there is reason for joining them. I can't comment on which is more highly regarded as i'm only on the application process, but I pressume both regiments will be as operationally active as each other (considering the re-struture of the RAC). Don't worry about Afghanistan, we are out of there next year so I highly doubt your application will be completed and you'll be fully trained up by then anyway. But don't panic, we will soon be posted somewhere else the way the world is at the moment. Hope this helped a tad, not too in depth as i'm not signed up yet so i don't know a huge amount of detail.
Black Denims or Cherry Trousers? The choice is yours. Good luck,whichever way you choose to go.
ok thanks guess im just gona have to think hard and chose thanks for taking the time to reply and good luck with your application.
The fact that you cannot spell Regiment, I fear you are doomed to the Pioneers
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