Which regional brigades to go?

I've heard it's likely that 2 Brigade will go and be merged with 145 Brigade, based in Aldershot. Have you heard anything about this? I'm hoping to write a story on the changes impact to Aldershot garrison and would appreciate any comments or info (not for quoting, just background).

Jack Sommers
Aldershot News & Mail
Insofar as I know, 2 Bde will become the core of what will be the new Regional Corps HQ commanded by Lt Gen John Urwin (Late 16th UCR) and 145 Bde staff will augment this new HQ. 2 Div (based in Scotland/North England) is to be re-roled as a deployable TA Armd Division with 7 Armd Bde under command. 2 (UK) Armd Div(V) will be commanded by Maj Gen M R Tracey TD.
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