Which regiment??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hoops_88, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello to everyone

    I've got my barb test coming up soon & i'm hoping to join the infantry. The only problem I have at the moment is deciding which regiment to go for.

    Being from glasgow im leaning towards 5 scots (A&SH) or 2 scots (RHF) but still not 100% on which one. Can anyone give me some advice or opinions on the two different battalions ie... reputation, different roles, locations etc

    Thanks alot :D

  2. Ahhh, a weegie!! :p

    1 Scots is where it's at. Might even see you at Catterick bud. :)
  3. Go for 5 Scots Better Role.....good lads!
  4. Agreed with TN, 5 SCOTS does have the better role and is based in Canterbury.
  5. About as far from Scotland as you can get? :?
  6. Who cares, it is part of 16 AA Bde a much better role than 52 Bde has where incidently 2 SCOTS are serving.

  7. So how long do you think 5 scots will be in the air assault role? Also are they due to leave canterbury fairly soon?

    Thats right plankcore... a weegie :p ..lol...see you at catterick!!
  8. Have a look at the Scot's gds they tend to travel a lot, plus they are to be the Armoured Infantry for the the Guards Infantry in Catterick next year

    Good luck in training.....
  9. Vallon, if the lad wanted to be a shoe-shiner he wouldn't join the army to do it. :p
  10. The prospect of F Coy is the thing that's stopping me from joining the guards actually. Not very keen on the ceremonial stuff.

    Then again, to each their own!
  11. Sounds good and all, but I really fancy 1 SCOTS in any case. :)
  12. Stay well away from the Guards mate - far too much bullsh!t, go for soldiering instead.

    BT. :lol:
  13. I take it you made it plankcore. when do you start.
  14. Cheers vallon, but I don't think the Scots guards is for me.. Def between 2 & 5 SCOTS
  15. I would rather go for 5 Scots. If you want to go to 2 have a good look at them when you go to RSC its in their barracks.