Which regiment??

Hello to everyone

I've got my barb test coming up soon & i'm hoping to join the infantry. The only problem I have at the moment is deciding which regiment to go for.

Being from glasgow im leaning towards 5 scots (A&SH) or 2 scots (RHF) but still not 100% on which one. Can anyone give me some advice or opinions on the two different battalions ie... reputation, different roles, locations etc

Thanks alot :D

So how long do you think 5 scots will be in the air assault role? Also are they due to leave canterbury fairly soon?

Thats right plankcore... a weegie :p ..lol...see you at catterick!!
Have a look at the Scot's gds they tend to travel a lot, plus they are to be the Armoured Infantry for the the Guards Infantry in Catterick next year

Good luck in training.....
crow_bag said:
Plankcore said:
Vallon, if the lad wanted to be a shoe-shiner he wouldn't join the army to do it. :p
To be fair it's my understanding that the Jock Guards are moving to Catterick next year i believe and their staying armoured and i believe they don't have a tour of London District lined up for a while.

So apart from a possible 6 months or so in F Coy stagging on i doubt he'll do much shoe shining
The prospect of F Coy is the thing that's stopping me from joining the guards actually. Not very keen on the ceremonial stuff.

Then again, to each their own!

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