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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lab-rat, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Right, this is my problem which I hope some people here can help me sort out.

    I am a 22yr old scientist, bored out of my mind in both lab and office, who is thinking about joining. What I want to know is where would I best fit in? at the risk of sounding like a complete ponce, it’s the hearts and minds stuff that’s selling me at the mo, but the last thing I want is to join and not get my hands dirty doing some proper job. looked at engineers, but went on a fam visit and they turned me down.
  2. What specifically interests you?

    What qualifications have you got?

    I am biaised, but Gunners offer a massive variety and the chance to go on ops in role (Guns, Air Defence, UAV, Radar etc) or out of role (usually infantry). We have a massive spectrum in our officers mess ranging from 19 year old non-grads to a 32 year old Professor in mathematics who joined recently...

    "Fitting in" is not necessarily easy to pin down to a specific Regiment or Corps or Battalion or Regiment within them just by what you do now.
  3. You could join the Infantry - transferring elsewhere after a decent interval, by which time you'll have a better idea of who does what. You'll have a foot in the door.
  4. If you dont want to get your hands dirty, perhaps you should look at the Adjutant Generals Corps, or the Royal Logistics Corps?
  5. got a degree in anatomy as far as qualifications go, but the last thing I want to do is end up in an office again. Am interested in outdoors stuff, rock climbing, orienteering, parachuting, the usual stuff. Also current events and news, and a fair bit of history.

    i may not have made myself too clear ducki, i want to get my hands dirty!
  6. How about Cav officer?
  7. My apologies old boy! Misread your post... I was wondering why you wished top join the army and keep your hands clean 8O

    Yeah, as said before, I think the teeth arms may well be the best place to go if you are interested in that sort of thing (I want to join the Cav, so Im not really qualified to give the advice). If you like parachuting, why not become a Para? Just stay away from 3 Para's mortar platoon though ;)
  8. Why are you not qualified to give advice on Teeth Arms? Their are three - Infantry, RAC (Cavalry) and AAC. As you're joining the Cav, you could advice on the pro's and con's as you see them.

    Or have i completely misunderstood you, and are you saying you can't advise because your not in yet? 8O
  9. Hearts and minds is all well and good, but as an instructor during training once said, the Army is all about killing. It is our core job, it is the purpose of our role and our mission.

    Not trying to be the big I am, but just saying it as I see it. Hearts and minds is a phase that must be conducted. It stems people being killed but not without its own risks and if it goes wrong then see above.

    No one joins up saying they want to kill people, but it must be the primary consideration when thinking about joining any branch of the Armed Forces. I only say this as H&M is a part of our job but not the main part.

    Without trying to sound pretentious, if you are thinking hearts and minds and don't mind getting your hands dirty then there are many charity organisations out there that are well in the thick of the fighting doing what that do best and I salute them as brave men and woman as much as I do the man next to me, tooled up ready to unleash hell.

    Just food for thought.
  10. Aye, thats the gist of it.
  11. Thats quite a meal joker! I have thought about charity work, but I think its just lacking something. Whenever I have spoken to a charity worker whose been abroad, they always come back dissillusioned with what they have been doing, that they could have done more/more needs to be done. I haven't met a soldier who has thought that. Perks are much better in the army as well. (wage, travel, sports etc)

    I understand that hearts and minds will only ever be a small part of the job, and that the majority of time spent in the armed forces is about killing people, and the training for killing people, and I think I'll be ok with that. Like you said, its down to the training. Of course, I have the comfort of saying this in a lab, not Sangin....
  12. Int Corps, perhaps? Still soldiers, but arguably more chance to get involved in Hearts & Minds? Not a lot of Hearts & Minds when you're firing artillery or flying a helicopter.
  13. What are doing stealing my user name? Bad form, Sir, bad form!
  14. My apologies, I wasn't aware it was in use. Have sent a message asking for mine to be changed. In the mean time, any advice you could give?

    ps, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  15. What level of the army are you looking at going into? Have you thought about DERA? (is it still called DERA or is it all QINETIQ?)