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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mcclurg, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I'm about to go for my AOSB, but I'm still not 100% sure which regiment I want to join. My personal decision seems to be between the Royal Irish and the Paras. I've had a lot of information on each, watched videos on each and all the rest of it. I've been to 1RIRs current home, but they're moving soon. Also, are 3Para moving to ballykinler in Northern Ireland? Could anybody give me any kind of advice/help/info? I still have a few years before I go to sandhurst, so i believe I will have adequate preparation time for the Parachute Regiment, and I'm fairly fit anyway.

  2. i understand the paras is a very sensitive issue here, but i'm not trying to stir anything up, i just want help and guidance
  3. If you go for the Paras and don't make it you can always fall back on the Royal Irish - this doesn't mean that one is better than the other, just that you are more prone to get injured during P Coy and might not recover sufficiently to re-attempt it.

    as for unit locations - that should not over concern you (unless you have an ulterior motive?)
  4. If you dont make the paras try PWRR
  5. Yes the R IRISH are moving this summer.

    No 3 PARA are not going to Ballykinler.

    Both Battalions are part of 16 Air Assault Brigade and as such do very similar jobs. You can still complete P Coy with the R IRISH. Judging by your avatar, you may feel more at home with the R IRISH, but then again i'm biased.

    If you've already visited the R IRISH, why don't you request to visit one of the PARA Bns and then you will have an opinion on both?

    Either way good luck.

  6. frankly, decisions on regiments don't have to be made until you get to the factory. however i understand your desire to get affiliated with one or the other. my best advice is to get your sponsorship sorted (which is non binding) and then visit as many other regs as you can. if you get sponsored through uni with the paras it definitely does not mean they'll take you straight away after RMAS as you will still have to go through the same process as everyone else.

    get a good look around the inf.

    good luck
  7. cheers guys. One question though, if I fail P company, can i just then go straight to 1RIR?
  8. No you cant im afraid. You assume that another Regt will want you immediately after failing P Coy. Most Regts will be asking questions about WHY you failed and whether or not you are a potential liability.

    You will still have to apply through the system and request a visit and interview with the Royal Irish or any other Regt for that matter. Then again, very few Offrs fail P Coy as the selection process at RMAS should ensure that candidates are suitable to pass P Coy.
  9. If you join the RIR and you pass P Coy...I am assuming you serve with the RIR wearing the maroon beret with RIR capbadge...not serving in the Paras...am I right??

  10. You can be attached to the Paras i think, but if you're still with the RIR you don't wear the maroon beret, just the wings
  11. Incorrect Peter, if someone from the Royal Irish was to pass P Coy (as many already have) you will continue to wear your Regimental Headdress i.e. the Caubeen.

  12. Try the Royal Marines first, then the paras.
    If you fail them, then try another inf.
    Why not try a cs or css arm?
  13. But I'm going in as an officer, so if I fail RM then i'm out on my arrse again, and that's a big waste of time.
  14. A maroon caubeen?
  15. :D :D Thank goodness no. Although i do remember that the idea for a maroon caubeen was once proposed when the 1st Battalion of the Regiment was in 16 Air Assault Brigade back in 2000/2001, but the idea was very quickly shelved!!