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Discussion in 'RAC' started by mini_rq, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. dear tankies and cav,
    i'm currently 1/2 way through final year at university, have rcb main board round about easter and i'm hoping to start at the sandhurst in september/jan. What i'm curious about is what would be the most rewarding armoured reg to join?I'm not the poshest person and also the son of a bootneck full screw( please dont hold that against me) so therefore i don't exactely have a family affinity with any reg. The yes men in the careers office are trying to get me to go reme and saying that i can still serve at an armoured regiment , would that only be for two years before i was posted to a biff job somewhere or could i serve all my days in the RAC? The regiments that i'm interested in are 1 or 2RTR and Light Dragoons, anyone have any better suggestions? also im a sweaty sock and therefore not from the recruting areas of the LD or 2RTR therefore can i still join them?

    To recap
    - whats the most rewarding armoured reg to join?
    - can i join even if im not from the recruiting area?
    -should i go reme and then try and spend all my days with various RAC regs?

    cheers for listening to my ramblings and all comments will be appreciated.
  2. i can answer one of those:
    Shouldn't be a problem. I'm pretty sure PWRR's recruiting area dosent extend to the caribbean, but thats where their VC winner came from.
  3. Forget recruiting area's for officers it is not important. Also officers join the RTR not 1 RTR or 2 RTR. You could be sent to either regt and as a suberlten will stay at whichever regt you are sent. from Capt onwards you will switch between both regts. ie, Troop Leader in 1 RTR, Sqn 2i/c in 2, OC of a 1 RTR sqn, 2i/c of 2 RTR , CO of 1 RTR or a combination of this.

    RTR is the regiment to join. The majority of 1 RTR may be on NBC rather than armour but remember this!! they have detachments all over the world, if you want travel and variety then there is no other RAC regiment to match it. 1 RTR soldiers are undergoing Para training and attending the all arms Commando course with the Royal Marines. They are even going to be at the World Cup in Germany and the winter Olympics in Turin!!.

    The other fact and this is very important for someone of your background, is that the cavalry regts are a beacon for hurrah henry's. Toff officers many with a private income. As the son of a full screw they will look down at you and regard you as lowlife, it's true!!! if your from a normal background then stay away from a cavalry regiment (as an officer that is). Join the people's cavalry, join the men in Black!! RTR is the way to go.

    Don't believe the bulls--t from the recruiters either, if you go in the REME you will certainly never spent your entire career with RAC units, you may indeed NEVER serve with the RAC.
  4. Am I right in thginking that you are studying engineering at uni? Why else would the Careers Officer try to lead you away from your choice of Regiment.

    Try to keep to your goal or you may regret it - once in you can always transfer if you don't like it. And remember, the recruiting Sergeants have trades & professions that they are trying to fill.
  5. Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine in answer to your question im studying mechanical engineering but am pretty sick of it after 4 and a bit years of applied mathematics, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and other equally as boring subjects.
    Thanks for all the advice - im a member of an otc and my bsm had recomended going RTR but suggested that I would be better off asking people in the know cause he's RA, so I thought I would run it up the flag pole here and see if anyone could enlighten me. It's intersting to hear that I could jump between 1+2RTR I thought that once you had gone to either first or second that was that.The one thing that put me off RTR was the thought I would go to 1RTR 'cause of where i'm from and spend all the my time on NBC. But the fact that i can do NBC for a few years , maybe go to the demo sqn at bovvy and also across to germany to 2RTR does sound quite appealing due to the variety.

    Thanks again for all the advice (especially aghart) and if anyone can think of anything to add i would be very grateful. :D
  6. Sounds about right; although I would say don't believe ANY of the Bullsh*t you read on this thread from anybody. From what I've seen they spend their whole time slagging each other's Regiments off.

    Ref 'Private Income', that's a load of old tosh and a bit 80's; although I think the comment on 'the son of a full screw' is probably about right.

    If you can handle all the sanctimonious bullsh*t about them being better than everybody else (which they are not) then the RTR is a good choice.
  7. The Demo Sqn which is "A" Sqn 1RTR is at Warminster and the regt rotate thru here to enable them to keep their tank role (and TC pay) within the RAC. As ex REME who served 5 years in total with 1RTR i think the advice you have had so far is spot on. the RTR could be the best option for you. As stated they have plenty of overseas deployments/ exercises now with the NBC role outside the normal (Canada, Iraq, Poland etc etc) places which everyone else gets. i met a few guys from 2RTR also and they were sound blokes also.

    i know that from experience and from talking to friends that some if not all the cav regts are equally as rewarding to serve with, but it will come down to your personal choice at the end of the day and i agree with what has already been posted.
  8. Well I would also say RTR as I am ex 2. Its a good life. Not heavy on BS.
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Rouge Trooper obviously has some pretty large pre-conceived ideas about the RTR. A broad view is always read seriously.

    Mini RQ, remember this. Every Regt (and I don't give a blue monkey's arrse where you are from) has its peaks and troughs. Some have bigger peaks and troughs than others.

    I have found that when I have served with 1 & 2 RTR they have been excellent fun and remain pretty steady. I have served with some Inf Bns and have found some good and some that has not been my taste.

    Go visit the Regts that sound interesting to you and make your choices (isn't that what an officer is meant to do???). Do not be swayed by good nights on the pop in the mess, make your judgement on the people who are there, can you live with them and be happy? Can you interact with the boys? Is the job what you want to do?

    It is a buyers market out there, you choose the Regt not the other way round, no matter what anyone tells you.
  10. thank you for the advice mr mysteron, the careers office only allow potential officers to visit two regiments during the selection process and i've all ready been to see both reme and ra. Reme didn't really spark with me , RA did but only field and depth (things that go bang quite loud- hence the interest in tanks) - wasn't to keen on the air defence and surveillance and targeting side of things due to the non-hands on nature. When I go to sandhurst I have to select four possible regiments that I would like tojoin and i'm then sent off on attatchment to them. As I mentioned I am in an otc and having been trying to get an attatchment to fally to see 2RTR or honnington for 1, but attatchments are a bit thin on the ground right now and uni is piling on the work big style. What i'm going to do is wait till may when i'm shot of uni and then try and organise something off my own back.
  11. There's been some good advice given to you here mucker but you will have to make up your own mind. The 'Chav Cav' isn't very fashionable but easier to get into. Mess bills and uniform costs are much easier as well. (That's why a private income in the cav is desirable, but no longer an essential). Cav places are harder to come by because the remaining cavalry regiments are amalgamations and the sons of previous officers usually snaffle the few places there are.

    There's no doubt about it that your social standing would be enhanced by a stint with regular cav but there is less emphasis on that type of thing in civvy street these days. It really depends what you want to have your CV looking like in 15 or 20 years. You will also make better social contacts in cavalry.

    The job is the same in either instance however and you'll get the same enjoyment/displeasure from each. You can find yourself with a crappy CO or Adjutant anywhere so that's a matter of luck.

    While we're on the subject, best of luck to you and if you want any cavalry contacts PM me.
  12. mini_rq

    you could be my twin , im also in last year of mech eng, hope to do rcb in easter (have briefing end of jan) , hope to go to sandhurst in sep, and im getting pushed towards reme by the recruiting guy, (you didnt see the north of england guy did you ?) and most importantly i want to go armoured, first choice rtr than cav ,

    so far i've written to rtr expressing interest, (this was off my own back not through recruiting guy) they've sent me loads of info about the regiment and its definitely the way i want to go so once i have the briefing out of the way i hope i can get a fam visit arranged with rtr.
  13. pretty sure the north of england guy covers scotland as well (NS-ex light dragoon?) haven't spoken to the rtr yet - i was interested in what people on here would say as to what is the best regiment before speaking to any particular reg. Considering the responce i've recieved its pretty obvious im going to try for the men in black and will probably drop them a line after new year. Best of luck with the brief and main board. Are you OTC? :D
  14. This is getting stranger and stranger! matt12 i looked up your profile and saw that you were asking about short sightedness and laser eye surgery - guess what i'm thinking about getting done ? I did speak to the university liason officer and he sent me a copy of the exact requirements and the army's policy on getting zapped - its not in my flat but is lying in my room somewhere back home, i'm going to see the folks tomorrow so i will pm it to you and chuck it up on the message board for good measure.
  15. that is extremely strange coincidence.

    i have the eye info know cheers, it turns out the type id have is ok but id have to wait a year after having it done before declared medically fit, this is absurd really because with lasic your fine after a month if not less, i have the number of the rcb doctor to ring him and ask him about it.

    No not OTC i went to welbeck so was paid to do my first year at uni and had to join a scheme called DTUS (defence undergraduate training scheme) but i left that had to de-attest and lost my place at sandhurst but now i want back in and have to do RCB all over again

    have you got briefing date yet?