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Hi all,

I'm currently going through the recruitment process, I'm going to my local ADSC in two weeks. I want to join a regiment that uses the AS90 or the Light Gun but I'm not sure which regiment to go with, how do I choose the right regiment for me?
You will be cap-badged into the RA, but the Manning and Record Office (APC Glasgow) will decide what regiment you go to.
Good luck. I joined the RA 51 years ago today!


Does where I live have anything to do with where they put me?
You will get briefed on regiments etc during training and you will get to choose where you'd like to go. However that doesn't mean you will get any of the ones you chose. You can be put where ever you are needed to go.


Thanks lads, I've got the idea now that wherever I want to go they'll just end up sending me somewhere I don't want to go.
It's something you are going to have to learn to live with if you want to join the armed forces. The army's wants and needs come before yours.
Not true - here's a bit of helpful advice, rather than the more...fun advice so far:

You will say you want to go RA. You will choose to be a Gunner on Light Gun or AS90. There are several regiments that fall into this bracket:

1 RHA (AS90 - Tidworth, nr Andover), 3 RHA (AS90 - Hohne, Germany), 4th Regiment (AS90/Light Gun - Topcliffe, Yorks), 7 Para RHA (Lt Gun, Colchester), 19 Regt (AS90, Tidworth), 26 Regt (AS90, Germany), 29 Cdo RA (Lt gun, Plymouth, Poole and Arbroath).

In short, you will be sent where the need is highest UNLESS you volunteer for 7 Para or 29 cdo - they are Volunteer units. Each Regiment is given a recruiting area and this may come into the mix - are you from the NE and you go to the NE Regiment (I don't know the current recruiting areas since the demise of 40 Regt), but most likely you go where they need you. If you volunteer for 7 or 29, your local regiment is normally your shadow in case you don't pass the arduous courses.

BUT, also remember that your local Gun Regiment may be local to your home town, but not recruit from it - 19 RA (The Highland Gunners) were in Colchester when I was with them, then moved to Larkhill and are now Tidworth - they served all over the place before Colchester too. So the unit 5 minutes from, your house may not be your "local" regiment. Equally the regiment that recruits from your area may not be anywhere near your hometown (the Germany Regiments for example).

The decision is usually given in priority order of needs of the RA (X regiment needs more Gunners quick), then request of the individual.

It might all change soon, with changes to regimental make up (chaning to AS90 and Light Gun in each Regiment and maybe MLRS too), how many regiments we keep, what the roles are etc.

Good luck, you can but ask to go somewhere and you might get lucky. If you KNOW you want Light Gun, then volunteer 7 or 29, do the slightly tricky courses and you'll be guaranteed to be on that kit. If it's just Guns you know you want, it could be a bit pot luck.
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