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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bond, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. deleted
  2. I think you´ll feel at home in the RLC, although if you know how to use a knife and fork, they may find you too posh
  3. Dedonair? Didn't that happen to Tommy Cooper?

    Come on old man, attention to detail.
  4. Wah????

    If not: What the fcuk is 'dedonair'?

    I think we should resurrect the Royal Pioneer Corps - you'd have fitted in there jolly nicely, it seems to me. You, Sir, come across as a complete and utter prat.
  5. A prat who dabbles in a bit of self appreciating sarcasm through my typed word.

    I shall stick to straight up and down the line shop talk if you prefer. I do apologise.

    If you've ever worked with the Australian Army, you'll know full well that prats don't last too long.
  6. No! I think you'll find that was live on stage!
  7. Look at any of the Formation Recce Regts (I think LD, QRL, HCR, 9/12L and can't remember who else). Though RTR are a top bunch of decent straightforward blokes, and you could get a lot more variety anywhere in the RAC than you might have got a few years ago. You could spend more time on MASTIFF etc than CR2.

    However, you might want to redefine yourself a bit: stylish, debonair and AUSTRALIAN?? Sounds like a contradiction in terms to me. And expect a lot of p1ss-taking about your failing national cricket team. To lose the Ashes TWICE in four years seems a touch sloppy....
  8. I'll second that. QRL.
  9. Although the retort that "we're just trying to play the game the English way, for a change." would probably work.
  10. :clap:
  11. So why the suggestion for QRL? Keen to find out a bit more about it.
  12. So its not on you tube then................................?

  13. Not by the end of the show