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Discussion in 'RAC' started by fatduck, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    Basicially, I am looking to join an armoured regiment after uni. I would like to join as an officer, but I am unsure which regiment to join. I am London born and bred so would the obvious answer be The Household Cavalry? But the problem is; I am not overly keen on the drill side of things or parading around London. I want to join an armoured regiment that is more operational tour oriented.

    I have looked into The Light Dragoons, The Queens Dragoons but all the Dragoon regiments seem to be Northerners or Welshies. Which wouldnt be my ideal choice.

    Also I have heard from old school friends joining as officers that you can be told you are not posh enough to be a RAC Officer. I wouldnt say I am posh, grew up in London (Enfield/Edmonton Area, Born Hackney). Now I am not saying I am some cockney wankkkkkker. I would like to think I am relativly normal. Would this deter me from being an RAC officer?


    Thanks for your time.
  2. Nowt wrong with being a 'cockney ******' , throbber.
  3. Join 4 RTR "The Peoples Cavalry".
  4. Fcuk off and join the infantry then, they will take anyone.
  5. Well what about the King's Royal Hussars who recruit in the Home Counties west of London (and you'll get to wear some terribly fetching trousers), or the Queen's Royal Hussars who recruit in Surrey, Sussex and the lower-west Midlands? Of course as eodmatt says, there's always the Royal Tank Regiment who primarily recruit from London and the South-West England - and he refers to as the 'peoples cavalry'.

    Of course I believe they're all in the armoured role as opposed to the formation reconnaissance role(?) So you ought to ask yourself what you want to do rather than where the chaps you'll be commanding hail from.
  6. 2RTR, down to earth officers and recruit from your area
  7. Which Regiment was Daddy in?

    If the answer was: He wasn't then its RTR - they are a good bunch and bloody good at there job.

    Don't discount the Infantry.
  8. I love Infantry, which is very close to being my first choice. I have been in the TA infantry for about 3 years now, good fun.

    But thanks for the advice, I will research the Royal Tank Regiment. Which fits the bill exactly.
  9. Why don't you go and visit a couple of Regiments and form an opinion of your own. You may be surprised that some Regiments thought of as traditionally stuff are not. Only you can decide upon where you may or may not fit in.
  10. So you think HCR is not operational tour oriented? Where are they now?
  11. Could be tricky unless you are a mate of Dr Who, they amagalmated with 1 RTR in 92 :roll:
  12. P'raps 'e meant A RTR :twisted:
  13. Yes, I recommend RTR. Their officers definitely have the 'common' touch.

    There is also the added advantage that you never have to polish your boots or wash your covvies... :wink:

    (Closing hatches and awaiting incoming)


    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  14. STANDARDS!!!!!!
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    We don't let the buggers anywhere near them - silly boy 8)