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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Suedehead, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. After months trying to decide which regiment to go for, ive narrowed it down to 3...

    The Yorkshire Regiment (my local reg.).

    The Coldstream Guards.

    The Rifles.

    Any suggestions?
  2. what role are you trying to do?.......rifles
  3. Your local Regt everytime, it's the principle that the Regtimental system is based upon and has worked brilliantly for hundreds of years.
  4. light role.
  5. The Rifles do recruit from Yorkshire as one of their predescendent regiments was the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI).

    If you go with the Yorkshire reg you will be amongst northerners, whereas the Rifles and Guards have wider recruiting areas that include those cheeky fellows south of the Watford Gap!
  6. Flip a coin and leave it to lady luck
  7. ok ive already posted this question on another thread bt the more advice the better ok im currently a pet op in the rlc yes bring the abuse but i want to transfer either to the 1st or 2nd royal welsh whats the difference between the 2 and is it worth it????
  8. The Coldstream Guards of course.
  9. Amen, i agree totally with that.I'm not with my local battalion (5 Rifles) and i'm a bit of an odd one, being one of the only guys, out of 3, in the Battalion from around my town.Most guys from here are scousers, geordies, some mackams, Brummies and Londoners.

    Not to mention some guys who are former RGBW and D&D, but almost none from around my end.

    Stick to your roots, you'll probably find it easier to settle in.