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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sniperman, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. hey im joining in january or march (recruiter being a dick) and i was just wondering between the "rifles" and coldstream guards and i see good and bad points of both regiments but was just wondering which 1 am i going to see most action and which regiment as been in more battles to date?

    if any1 can help many thanks:D
  2. obviousely future engagements cannot be determined by looking into a crystal ball, but as the Coldtream Guards have just 1 battalion but the Rifles will have 7 (5 Reg & 2 TA), so its odds on that the Rifles will get deplyed more often (with opertunities to transfer between the bn's as ops dictate)
  3. Depends what you want,

    Coldstreamers a guards regiment so much more formal in terms of discipline

    The Rifles, a light battalion a more relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on self discipline

  4. never heard a bad thing about the "Lillywhites" but I'd have to say go for the Rifles - a choice between Armoured. Mechanised. Commando or Light Role battalions.
  5. Rifle's matey
  6. yeah thats what i thought but they dont really go to war do they? (please excuse my ignorence if im wrong)
  7. Bless :)
  8. *feels embarrsed* :$
  9. In recent years the RGJ have served in NI, Gulf 1 & 2, Bosnia & Kosovo.

    The LI have served in NI, Sierra Leone, Gulf 2, Bosnia & Kosovo

    The RGBWLI have served in NI, Bosnia, Kosovo & Afghanistan

    The DDLI have served in NI, Bosnia and Gulf 2

    So call it war or not - the regiments that are to form the Rifles next year have been on active service where bullets have flown
  10. 2 RGJ lost a bloke in Basra two weeks ago.
  11. You could always join The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

    We have 2 Regular Battalions, one TA Battalion and also two Fusilier badged TA Companies, the one in London being a part of The London Regt.

    All the above units, or elements of, have served in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Balkans and will of course continue to do so.


  12. I trained with 2btn RRF last year in Cyprus and they were an excellent bunch of lads and fantastic soldiers.
  13. The City of London Fusiliers Company of the London Reg isn't part of the RRF - The Londons are part of the Brigade of Guards now and as such the Budgies are now affiliated with the Grenadier Guards (flaming granade badge and all that!)

    And BB - if 2 RGJ lost a bloke in Basrah 2 weeks ago why isn't it mentioned on the MoD website, RGJ website or on any of the news websites?
  14. Coldstream:
    Londonderry 2001-2003
    Iraq 2005
    Afghanistan 2007
    with lots of attachments to others in between including OC Pathfinders, and OC Guards Platoon 3 Para in the Stan
  15. I have a feeling the Coldstream have an incremental company that is based in London and does Public duties. Along the same lines as the Grenadier's incremantal company.
    ' Nijmegen Company is an incremental public duties company stationed in Wellington Barracks, London. It has a wide range of ceremonial commitments, ranging from the provision of the Queen's Guardt to providing men for the Queen's Birthday Parade. Additionally, the Company takes part in numerous military and overseas adventurous training exercises. Guardsmen are normally posted to Nijmegen Company on passing out of training.' (from the Grenadier website)

    I think the Coldstream equivalent is called 7 coy. It means when you pass out of training you will be stitched for public duties in London before you get to you Battalion.

    Speaking as an ex Guardsman who remembers all to well just how sh*te public duties are, my advice would be go with the Rifles or try for the Bootnecks.