Which reg will I be in?

ok guys a few questions here about regiments and battalions?

firstly what is the difference between the two?

I live in Falkirk in Central Scotland and I'm planing on joining as an infantry soldier. Hopefully getting my interview in a couple of weeks, But was just wondering how they decide which regiment you go to? Does it depend on where you are from? I have noticed a lot of people saying they are going to the Royal Anglions, is this because they have chosen to go to this regiment or is it based on where you are from?

Also, the guys you are with in the basic training, are these the guys you are with for the rest of your service in the infantry?

cheers guys

Your local regiment (the Royal Regiment of Scotland) consists of 5 battalions. Based on the previous Scottish Regiments, i.e.: the Royal Scots, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Black Watch, etc. The choice of battalion is up to you but the 5th Battalion is lilkely to have more members from Falkirk than any other.

The guys with you in training will be from a variety of other regiments, so will not be with you throughout your service.
hey, thanks for your reply.

Is there really much difference in the battalions? meaning do they all do the same kind of work, same amount of deployments etc?

Lewis, the battalions do different kinds of work - the 5th are part of 16 Air Assault Brigade so do operations with helicopters and the parachute regiment, when available. The advantage of being in a regiment is you can transfer between the battalions for promotion possibilities and learn different jobs and skills
I see!

And am I right in saying the Black Watch are the ones who usually patrol around Iraq (on foot) ?

Or have I got that confused?
You've just seen the BW on tv that's probably why it has stuck in your mind, they all have been out to Iraq and Afghanistan and are all going again
I'd choose my local one, where you will have most chance of being with guys from Falkirk and that is the 5th Battalion but the others are just as good.
right, yeh a few folk have said that to me.

and as the 5th are part of an air assault does that mean they are all para's?

and I would train to be a para?

or does that just mean they have para's in the reg?
lewyt666 said:
Right one last question, how would you chose which one to join?
Check out the role each battalion in RRS is doing & ask yourself which interests you the most; do you want to move by foot, or by helicopter, or by warrior, or by land rover / saxon etc.

If you aren't trying for para, most of the vets on here seem to recommend going with your local battalion, that way you're with guys that share a similar background to yourself, & if you're lucky on leave a few will be heading back to the same area as you.

Looking to go 5SCOTS (Argylls) myself as I'm from the West of Scotland, and air assault role interests me the most (& is apparently a good role to find yourself in).

lewyt666 said:
and as the 5th are part of an air assault does that mean they are all para's?

and I would train to be a para?

or does that just mean they have para's in the reg?
No, they're line infantry that form part of 16AA brigade, alongside Royal Irish Regiment, 2+3 PARA and the various support elements (engineers, light artillery, signals, 7RHA etc.)

It's my understanding there is the possibility for you to do P-Coy if you're in 5SCOTS as they are currently attached to 16AA, though you'd remain an Argyll.
yeah thats the one I'm looking at joining. When you say air assault does that mean everyone parachutes out? or just the para's? That seems like a rele stupid question I know!
You can go para by joining recce platoon but in general they deploy by helicopter
from personel experience they do alot of running round thetford chasing the para's on exercise bless em! and my god they are all sooooo young!

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