which reg should i join???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by debond86, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. hello i was hopeing someone could help me out with this i am from northern ireland and i am considering joining up, my father came from essex and joined the 3rd battalion royal anglian, he then came over here on deployment got married to my mum and joined the ulster defence reg i told him i was going to join the army and he said pick your reg carefully and pick a local reg but there are so many regs for me to choose eg. royal irish reg, irish gaurds, as well as that the queens royal hussars, lancers are also being recruited from my area if anyone could tell me which is the better reg i would greatly appreciate your help

    cheers for the help...
  2. Mess Tin Repair Unit
  3. Join the REME and you could visit them all! :)

  4. Just my opinion, but as CC_TA said, join a Corps and get a trade which is transferable to civvy street.
  5. Very much my opinion as well... ;)
  6. tend to agree too.

    dont really buy into the idea of joining a particular regiment because its local, first of all decide exactly what you want to do in the Army and what you want get out of it. thats gonna narrow down your choice a hell of a lot.

    these days though more than ever, choosing a trade has to be the way to go. Infantry, as valuable as they are, doesnt really transfer many of the required skills to many good jobs in civvy life. though im sure someone will prove me wrong.
  7. thanks for the info so far fellas i will get om the mod website and see what options are open to me for a trade

    just another quick question do you get to fight if your in a trade , i mean if i joined up as a mech would i see the front line or would i be kept at the back.
  8. It hasn't been unknown for tradesmen to stand on the line when needed.
  9. PM'd ya pal...
  10. Personally I understand your argument, however I'm applying for Infantry on the basis that I've only just turned 20, got good marks at school and am, at this point, only planning to do the 4 years, so someone like me would probably have plenty of options since there'll be plenty of time to go to uni or do a trade afterwards. I think having some real-world experience and a uni degree afterwards would make me fairly employable in the Law Enforcement fields that are my long-term interests. However if I were looking at the Army as a full 22-year career I think I'd probably do it your way.
    Wouldn't it be possible for someone to go Infantry for a few years and then transfer over to a Corps down the road if they so desired? I was under the impression that one could also try out for Sandhurst after a few years as well?
    I ask because I honestly don't know where my head will be in 4 years, and I may decide to stay on, in which case I would probably be looking for more than just an adventure.
  11. Yes, you can transfer from the Inf to another reg/corps throughout your career... and vice versa.
  12. Goodo, I thought so. Sitting here now I can't see myself wanting to transfer into RE/RAMC/Sigs or anything like that, but as I said, four years can be a long time, especially when you're young and you don't really know what you want out of life other than to do some time in the Army. Right now I just want to get in, take in everything I can, get some time on Operations and then work it out when that 4th year rolls around. One thing I am thinking is that, if I really love it, I might leave, take a few years off to go home and go to uni, and then come back. Always an option anyway.
  13. Join the Infantry mate. We are better paid than most corps. If it does not suit then internally transfer (the Army is well into that - retention).
  14. Really?

    I think you'll find most trades in the Corps are higher pay band :roll:
  15. We are on the high pay band. Seem to remember when Pay 2000 kicked lots of blokes from different corps bleating in Soldier. The Infantry was after all for years 'Jack of all trades master of none'.