Which PX in Germany

Discussion in 'US' started by joycey, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. As the title asks, which is currently the best PX in Germany for shopping. Im looking at getting some ski kit and other sports items and might take a drive down.

    Anyone been lately?

  2. Ramstein used to be pretty good, especially the BX.
  3. I've only ever been in two big PX's, the one at Polofski (spelling) barracks in Ramstein, or the one at Würzburg. Don't bother with the one in JHQ unless you live nearby, it's pretty pointless.

    Slightly unrelated I know, but there's also a Natex in Geilenkirchen which is pretty good.
  4. Garmish has good outdoor kit, probably has a decent amount of ski gear this time of year. Bit of a drive though unless your going down that way anyway.

    Also Mainz Kastel has a good sports department near Weisbaden IIRC.
  5. Sadly Würzburg has closed down now, shame as it was pretty good down there, especially if you stayed in the guesthouse and went on the lash.
  6. Mainz-Kastel is good, and it's only 5 miles from Wiesbaden, if that's all still open.

    Bitburg and Spangdahlem are good too, and close to each other.

    Remember to get in to the US barracks these days, you need one of those pass thingies.
  7. Think you'll find Bitburg and Spang closed a long time ago.

    .............though I standby to be corrected.
  8. Schweinfurt is still open although I can't remember if it was any good or not.
  9. Whichever PX you go to - watch your timing: "Crazy Sale" is a great concept... 'Attention shoppers, 75% off all items for the next hour...'
    Happens sometime after Christmas and before new year.
    Garmish best for outdoor gear, as mentioned, Grafenwoehr quite big but apparently Stuttgart has a new three storey one.
  10. Has Bremen closed down? I used to go to that one in the early 90's. ;)
  11. Last year, at Christmas, drove down to Garmisch...their PX sporting goods store, 1st floor, in the back corner, had great deals. Prices are really great, very low by UK standards. Good selections, prices, well stocked for sizes and so on.

    Staff are very helpful...one being a Brit was very good. One thing you have to give to Yanks, they do customer service right.

    The US Ski slope shop has good selections, but, prices are a bit higher.

    As already mentioned, Mainz Kastel, in the past, had great kit...but, my info for that is dated.

    Pulaski Barracks near Ramstein, in Kaiserslautern had good kit, but, again, that was years ago. Perhaps some RAF blokes at Ramstein is on this thread?
  12. Long gone, closed about 1992.
  13. He's a Jock :)
  14. I left Germany in Jan 93 and visited shortly before I left so it must have been early 93. That's a pity, I saved an absolute fortune on some decent clothes. ;)
  15. Right you are, good bloke despite the funny accent. :D