Which pull up / chin up bar?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by smash, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. I've looked on the net for a chin up bar to put in my door way and have seen some good ones at resonable prices. I'm after one that doesn't require any permanent fitting and doesn't damage the door frame. Just wanted to know which type of bar you use and your feedback on it.

    No replies from chin up walts please!
  2. Tend to use the top section of the frame. Tends to be thicker than a bar so works your grip a bit better too. Unless you're doing front levers or something, you don't specifically need a bar per se, as long as you can grab and pull (fnarr fnarr).
  3. Then buy one. It's a bar at the end of the day FFS.
  4. I have this POWERBAR

    No complaints!
  5. Same as, superb bit of kit.
  6. I've one of those too. I agree that it's absolutely superb. Probably the best thing about it is that (apart from not damaging the door-frame in any way and being installed in seconds) it puts the pull-up bar above the top of the door-frame and allows you to hang straight down (more or less), instead of having to bend your knees.

  7. To my knowledge, it is the best out there. It was recomended to me here, it seems everyone agrees.

    Get that one!
  8. I think the extra height given by the Powerbar puts it above the rest.

  9. Ive got the power bar as well and agree that its pretty good. Just check it'll fit on your door frame, the flat im in now has the things at the top of the doors that make them all shut automatically if you dont wedge them open which means the bar is blocked from fitting onto the frame... pain in the tits
  10. I saw what you did there. :lol:

  11. I have an Iron Gym which is quality. That Power Bar looks good though.
  12. I had one of those, quite good until someone borrowed it for a couple of weeks, that was about a year ago, thieving c*nts. I`ve got to admit though that the Powerbar looks better because of the extra height.
  13. The problem with this one, and many on the market is the fact that it has designated grip positions, so you are limited to what pull up exercises you can do, such as wide grip.

    I have a powerbar plus, decent price, versitile, can be used dismounted too for incline press ups and such.