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Which prepaoid unlimted braodband provider

As I am in and out of Blighty about once or twice a month now, it is not worth my while to get a post paid connection but I'd like to stay connected while on the go. I already have a MyFi dongle thingy from that I use with my home provider outside the UK. What I need is a sim card and a cheap and cheerful connection to run my yuppie gadgets (either iPhone and iPad or netbook) off it without the roaming costs getting out of hand, any experience, recommendation what is best? Again, has to be prepaid / pay as you go though! Cheers.
It's worth looking out for deals. Last year I bought a T-mobile dongle for £19.99 and included £10 of credit. The deal at the time was that the first £2 (one day) of credit would give you a month's fair-use "unlimited" access, fair use being determined on a daily basis (worked out as about 5 hours of streaming Big Brother - wife was an addict). Alas that deal doesn't seem to be on at the moment. Pity, as it would be cheaper to buy a new dongle each month than pay the monthly charges of some providers.

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