Which Premiership accused.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Santa_Sunday, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. ...at the weekend. A 17 year old girl has accused up to 8 (yes 8 !) players of assualting her. Now before we go any further, if it is true then whoever is responsible needs to be squared away, it just smells of that case invilving the Hamiltons at the moment.

    Anyway, seen as my team were at home and clearly out of the picture, it got me wondering who it could be?? There were a few matches in London over thw weekend and it could be the home or away side.

    When was the last time Emile Heskey scored? He does go down a little too easy in the box, doesn't he. How about the barcodes? they're due a result, or Aresnal, they like to throw their weight around about. I just don't know. Any ideas?
  2. PS I've cast my vote already.
  3. None of the above. They're all full of poofs.

    Manchester City 4 Ever !!!
  4. i reckon it could be arsenal nasty pieces of work, but isuppose they have to be on good behaviour since the bust up with man utd
  5. I reckon it has to be the Blues...all those Johnny Foreigners probably thought that they were ordering a pizza.

    With all that money whizzing around Stamford Bridge at the moment the £111M squad probably thought it was already bought and paid for....
  6. I've just noticed that I forgot to include Aston Villa (can arrse admin and them) if not and you wanted to vote for the Villains, then place your vote alongside Liverpool, just to be on the safe side.
  7. Nah I reckon they were half Scouse (Liverpool, Everton, Tranmere, etc) and half Manc (Man City, Man Utd, etc).

    Wait a minute.........................................

    That sounds like the KINGO's recruiting area doesn't it? :mrgreen:


    Defo isn't Peter Beardsley anyway................hes that ******* ugly, she'd have died of fright and turned him into a necrophiliac. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  8. Im sorry but it couldnt have been liverpool as they would of been too busy robbing the hotel!!

    and it deffo wasnt michael owen as he was with me.......... oh shit im dreaming again :roll:

    Good Dream Thou :p
  9. Like your wee woof-woof Icy.

    Can I stroke her? :wink:
  10. Michael Owen Icey? Really? He must be all of what? 14? just how young (and lickle) do u like 'em?
  11. Sure ya can....... put be warned she can bite :p
  12. It cant be Charlton, I heard on the news that some of the players were household names...

  13. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Done ..... and a few spelling mistakes sorted!!
  14. hehehehe michael owen is 23/24 i dont usualy go for younger men but i will make a exception for him :p
  15. Thanks Bad CO! You know what it's like when you have sausages for fingers and you're on the outside of a couple of glasses vino!! The old keyboard skills go for a burton...........