Which posting to take?

Discussion in 'REME' started by OrangeIsQuickest, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I am an electronics tech and i am due a posting in six months and have been given a few choices.

    - QRH
    - 1 Lancs
    - 21 Engineers
    - Scots DG
    - 39 RA

    could anyone give me any info on these regiments. and any future deployments.

    also i hear that 1 Lancs are moving to catterick next year. are any of the others moving in the next few years?

  2. 39, MLRS is great to work on, the course is painless and seeing GMLRS taking compounds out is tip top.

    Who has given you these options? It seems a bit strange as you will no doubt need to go on course & as they are diverse, the courses won't be run at the same time. Have a look as to what courses are coming up within a couple of months of your posting date as I think that that would be the more likely options available to you
  3. go germany get drunk shag whores
  4. i am on my upgraders and have been given a list of these postings today.

    they are supposedly the postings available to our course. but i have a feeling this may change as it is a while before the end of the course.
  5. not the second one on your list just trust me
  6. why not the lancs?
  7. you can't beat Cav for a good posting
  8. Go Cav, go Scots DG, avoid the the Queers Riding Horses - smell on wheels and make the Dutch look smart!

    Failing that, go Germany before it closes, drink beer and shag whores!
  9. Airfix

    I take it from your post you have a problem with the QRH, I was with them on formation & like other "Cav" Regts I served with they had a healthy respect for the attached arms. In the Sqn we were considered to be an integral part of the family.


    My recommendation would be to get yourself off to the CAV, mind you as as ex knuckle dragging, hammer wielding, nutstrangling "A" mech that would be the way ahead.

    Enjoy your time in the "Best Corps" in the world.

  10. Nobby, I thought nostalga was a thing of the past..

    Your right Cav beats the rest hands down. My best posting was still 5 Armd at Soest.
  11. As an old ECE I've done both tanks and guns (incl 39) I'd say tanks every time if you enjoy working hard, being oily and sharing wagons with VM's and Gunfitters. The Sqns look at you as one of their own and its sociable.

    I've been well looked after at all the RA units I've been with but the kit is just not sexy enough - MLRS is OK to work on but you trundle around in soft skin to look after it - ******* boring.

    One thing about 39 is that its about 8 miles out of Newcastle on the A69 and its a desolate place - and taxis aint cheap in and out of town but at least the accom has been done up.

    The other thin with the Planks is that youy'll do the odd pish CO's and DRA s infantry skills exercises and stuff because the RA think they re infanteers
  12. Having been with 3 of the 5, QRH, Scots DG, and 39 Regt RA i would choose them in the order given. I would recommend RAC before RA any day of the week.
  13. Civvy strasse, the best by far.
  14. i have now found out that the top posting out of these that i want, will be put on 2nd posting on PPP.

    so i can choose a 1st posting that i want still ( not holding my breath)

    one question tho. might be a long shot. but, is there any postings in cyprus for a class one technician?


  15. Have a look - REME Jobsearch