Which Police force to license with ?

I'm thinking of applying for a FAC. How would plod deal with a situation where I live in one force area, keep the weapon in another ( unit armoury) and fire it in another - club range ? ( I'd need to rejoin the club).

...The Force area I live in is Central Scotland.
It works as I do the same. Live north of the Forth, Guns kept south of the Forth and my cerificate is from the force north of the river. Get a letter from the QM whose armoury it is, saying you have permission to keep your guns thereand attach it to your application form and plod should be happy. However they may want to visit the armoury in question.
"So, Mr Saladin, You keep your weapons in the unit armoury at all times?"

"Indeed so, pawn of the intruder state. No finer nor safer place to be found."

"And you discharge this engine of death and sign of abhorrent social inequality elsewhere?"

"You are correct, vile jobsworth"

"So, there are absolutely no times at which you might temporarily keep the weapon in your home, say before an early shoot, after returning late, cleaning weapons or in any other circumstances when the unit armoury (which is some distance off) cannot be accessed? Or perhaps when you simply cannot be arrsed to drag your sorry self over there and back late on a Sunday as vile jobsworth pawns of the intruder state will never know??"


I had (roughly!) the same conversation when I first applied for an FAC and thought it would be a good idea to say I did not keep them at home. I was "advised" that having a cabinet at home to cater for temporary storage would be "seen as a positve".
Similar to Paymaster (suspect I probably even know him) my bang stick is in an armoury south of the Forth thanks to very helpful unit staff. However, I am licensed through Lothian and Borders Police Firearms dept whose staff, top to bottom, could not have been more understanding and helpful. PM me if you need a contact no.