Which Pic?

Are 266 Flatties or donkey whallopers ?

I vaugley recall seeing the TA para mob wearing girls brouches in thier berets once upon a time, but I am pretty sure they have a decent gun up now :wink:


I’m told this man was with the Airborne Gunners, why don’t you ask him what pic to use… :D

Apparently he made it to Sgt so he should know what he’s talking about

bibo_boy said:
OK as I'm moving from RSIGS to Backdoor Gunners,

the BIG QUESTION IS........

What should I change my picture to?

Bye Bye Jimmy?
Couldn't possibly comment, but is that the biggest question?

Edited cos subtle change was missed, highlighted for effect.
bibo_boy said:
tazman said:
Just call yourself a Cherry Beret Gooner

nuff said

GOONER???? oh dear......

Don't think that would be good as I'm a Yido?
Even feckin worse............
why leave and join people who jump out of perfectly good aircraft which is going to land after they've all jumped out

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