Which phone??

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by smudge67er, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. I'm due an upgrade shortly and I'm looking at possibly moving away from my iPhone (purely because it doesn't sync the contacts with my car, and it's ******* me off)

    I am debating on a Nexus, or HTC.....or other??

    I leave the floor open to you gents.

    PS. Blackberry is out straight away, as I have owned a couple, and they're ******* gash.
  2. Don't be too hasty to ditch the iPhone. There's an iPhone 5 coming out in the near future, which should be much better than your current version.
  3. [​IMG]

    This should do ya.
  4. The issue is with the way Apple use Vcards to store contacts. Unless this is changed I cannot sync my contacts with the car. At the moment I am using another phone, with another simcard, just to send new contacts to my car, one at a time. It's arrse.
  5. Android phone. It doesnt need to be jailbroken to customise it, unless you want to start adding custom firmware or similar. You can also add apps that are not on the 'market' (androids itunes),

    I understand the simplicity of the iphone is a big selling point, but it is simple because it is aimed at retards, and locked to stop the retards from breaking it.

    I use the desire HD, and had no dramas setting it up the way I wanted it. The wife has a Legend, and she did have a drama setting it up, but thats because she would be better off with the iphone. I set her Legend up after she failed, no dramas.

    A mate has the Samsung Galaxy and loves it, but it is too plasticky for my liking. He was a VM and manages ok with it, proving Android phones can also be used by retards.

    I got mine from here : Discount Mobile Phones Online . It came unbranded meaning that there is no carrier branded crap on there.

    Going back to the market, https://market.android.com/ if you want to see what is available.
  6. Thanks, will take a look at the market :)
  7. Upgrade the car system?

    small laptop or mini mac in the back running itunes, etc. Easy to connect a mifi to it.

    Why do you need to sync contacts with the car.... surely the iphone has enough info for calling on the move?
  8. Just signed up for the Nokia N8

    Never had a smart phone before but always had Nokia's it's a great piece of kit really esay to set up and use the camera is great
  9. I can't be arrsed to upgrade the car with a laptop etc. I can play my ipod through the car already. To be fair to Apple, it's the mercedes software that has an issue handling the way the iPhone stores its contacts. I can call through the iPhone whilst driving, but I want them all stored in the car, as that's what it does. I'm **** like that.

    The HTC Desire HD looks nifty, anyone used one?
  10. Can fully recommend HTC, mate, had one for over a year, no probs at all.
  11. Yeah, I have the Desire HD, it's usually how I log into Torn.
  12. Is it any good though? Ease of use, contacts, music etc?
  13. Agreed, I can't even use my spare Nokia to send contacts.
  14. but you could plug in an obdkey into ur car and then turn your iphone into your cars computer..... (see what your post did, I've nearly just purchased one following your post .... lol)
  15. I bought a cheap 2nd hand phone that works, 1 by 1, it's a nause. If my new phone works, I'll post the other phone to you, free.