Which order


I'd do the Geordie ethnic hater, then the Blondie then the boggy with the great legs then the big lipped one.

We could feed the ginger growler to the pigs :D
We've done this thread before MDN, i remember championing the Ginger that time.

You see, its all a case of competition. The rest of the country thinks she smells of stale shite and biscuits, which means the'll be no competition and i get an easy lay. However if i did get lucky with the bog trotter, i wouldnt climb over her to get to the ginger.
You're right we have done it before, apologies

And Lifey don't lie, we know you are a bean flicker
Good Grief BB........

That appears to be a dead link!

I'm not into necrophilia either :lol:
Lifey, do you think she is a tw*t? :mrgreen:
I think that's the one I got for Christmas dvr....... must be why I haven't had a computer since Christmas Eve :cry:


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