which one ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shaunhack08, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. hiya guys
    right ive got a rough i idea of what i want do in army now and ive narrowed it down to royal engineers but i cant decide on which trade to choose.
    I like the look of design drafts man but I'm worried something like that will be a bit well boring and I want an exciting role !
    has anyone got any ideas ??

    no reply s yet so guessing it was an expansive question

    please any thought highly appreciated cheers
  2. infantry :p thats what im going for :)
  3. Go for Dental !
  4. Hmm, both fine trades in the RE...

    Matey, you go for whatever flicks your switch. The chances that you will only ever do the job you apply for are very slim indeed, you will always be switching roles about whatever you do in the army. The job calls for you to be adaptable, and for a very good reason. Due to the current operational climate, pretty much any job you can go for in the RE will have potential to be exciting, in ways you have never imagined before. Those guys will always be called upon, as no matter where in the world the Army goes, they will need engineers.
    Try trawling through the RE forum on here, do a little reading up, and if you cant find answers then post a question in there- there will likely be someone that is doing that job now, or has done in the past who can give you first hand advice.
  5. gotchya thanks for the gr8 replies lads
    well apreciated
  6. so your not even in yet, and you already know all about the infantry do you?

    let me tell you, what you percieve a certain role as, and the reality is often very different.

    design trades in the engineers often mean you are trade stream. ie you will do mostly your trade, as opposed to artisan trades who mainly spend most of the time doing combat engineering, and doing your trade every once in a while.

    if you go 23/24 regiment, which are the para and commando engineer regiments respectively, you will do a lot of infantry skills as well as combat engineering.

    design trades cant do 23/24 or bomb disposal as a first posting, simply because your trade is an expensive one, and they need you to actually do it as much as possible, to get their moneys worth, rather then humping loads of kit around with the marines and forgeting it all.

    doing the combat engineering role is pretty much as jam packed as they come.

    and to answer the mong superpoobear, speak to any infantry whos been on tour, and they will tell you their role is more of a periods of intense activity broken up by periods of doing very little.

    sappers on the other hand are always busy. when we first went into afgan, we were building bases, creating airfields, repairing roads, building bridges the lot. now, we are improving bastion, repairing infrastructure, the lot.
    and on top of that, the powers that be aim to send one sapper out with every infantry patrol, so we are also at the thick end, blowing holes in walls and pushing attacks forward.

    look at something like sparky, plumber, bricklayer, fabricator, etc
  7. right gotchya pal you see lad this guy makes sense
    i like the sounds of 23/24 but like ya said you cant design but i was completly heart set on it any way so thats fine
  8. Might sound a bit blunt but think hard before you consider playing a highly active role, or trying for one. You might think you're up to it in your mind, but reality things can be different.

    23/24 are the way ahead if you like the infantry active route.

    Trade wise, go for whatever you want, all engineers do combat engineering, which is watermanship, water supply, briding, dems, mine warfare, basic field engineering etc etc and trade ontop, however design trades tend to do a lot more of their trade, whereas for example an artisan trade could rarely touch their trade outside of a training environment. Either way: Good career, quals, good future.
  9. so you fancied just copying what i said then?

    and for your infomation, i happen to know a few geo techs (a design trade, yeh?) and they say they do fuckall combat engineering.
    they may learn it in their training, but in a day to day job they rarely getting down and dirty digging massive holes for no reason.
    so they dont actually 'do' CE like artisan trades do.

    secondly, i say dont worry about ' i might not be up to it'. thats a proper civvy attitude in my opinion. you never know how far you can push yourself.
    you dont see soldiers going 'oh no, i cant go on tour, i might not be up to it'. get your head down, and go for it.

    you will never know how far you can go, unless you are prepared to go too far.
  10. right so 23/24 seems, up to now at least the way to go
    and like i said i havent got my heart set on a design role anyways so that not a problem
    ill explain my current situation maybe some more ideas might crop up aswell
    atthe moment im in college full time in my second year so as you could probably work out im 18 . I was hoping to finish this year of college then after a few months training start the app process or maybe as soon as i leave i dont know well have to see
    anyway im studying biology chemistry and product design at a level and left maths pure and stats with a B grade AS level so i should be open to most jobs.
    i figured royal engineers would be my best option firstly cause thats what my cousins doing ( aint it always the way lol ) and for fututre prospects aswell. HOWEVER only today when i went and spoke to my cousin did he tell me that afterwards you can go into so many different jobs just getting a trade to use on civvy street is slightly pointless.

    any thoughts ? ??
  11. Very true. Aim for the sky and all that...

    RE run Look at Life courses; I don't know whether you've been on one, but if not I'd recommend you give it a go; you might find something you'd never thought about before really grips you. Even if all you do is have a good few days, it still shows commitment in that you bothered to give up our time to properly investigate your options.

    At the end of the day all we can do is tell you about the jobs and give a hefty dose of our own opinions. It's your life; you have to make the choices. You wouldn't ask some bloke in the street to pick your career for you, would you?
  12. hahaha i do like the bit about the guy in the street but to be honest theres no guaruntee he knows anything about the given subject matter.
    most people who a members on this website know alot more than i do as it is probably clear
    im just trying to get some fact cause end of the day without the facts i cant form my decision.
    thanks again for the quick reply
    oh and i definitly am going on that look at life course it looks realy quite interesting
    thanks again lads
  13. I went straight in to Architecture after leaving school in 2000. All ive done since is essentially sitting behind a desk pushing lines and folding drawings all day.
    The thought of doing that for the rest of my life was unthinkable so ive joined up.

    Seems strange to me that some one would actually want to do that (design draftsman) job. Thats the last job i would ever do.

    You never know, you might like it.....
  14. As a design draftsman the chances are you will rarely do your trade, you will have the qualifications and trade pay but your main role will be combat engineer, the pointy end of t he R.E. stick.

    What other trade were you thinking of? click
  15. Design What? Whatever you do, your trade will be utterly wasted and you'll be employed as the most over-qualified but under-appreciated ditch digger in the world. And you'll fcuking love it.