Which one would you do?

Reading bizarre magazine I came across an interesting dilemma in the letters page.
The man on the left is miriam, the lady on the right is buck angel (If you dont believe me google them)

Both of them has their full original tackle, so which one would you sh*g.
If you choose miriam he may look like a lass but your still doing a fella if you choose buck she might look like a fella
but your still doing a lass.

I'm still undecided, my flat mate says miriam but he wouldn't get a reach around.
ok am really scared by that thought.I would just go and get blind drunk so unable to do either!
Matt 12

is this entire thread an attempt by you to justify to yourself your ever increasing sexual confusion ? Which one would get the dubious pleasure of riding your shrivelled inadequate genitalia ?
Is this a hypothetical "you have to sh*g one or you die" type question? Given the choice I'd rather not think about it.
Do `em both. At the same time, then flog it on the Hun.com
Suppose if you stick a wig on Angel & make her have a shave. Then close your eyes & back scuttle her. It must feel the same ???? must,nt it? If her pecs are anything to go by I bet her fanny muscles could give you a good going over. Shes still a bird albeit an ugly one. But the other one although pleasing to the eye you,ll know hes a bloke. Is,nt that the bird that booty got all punchy over ? Its like choseing between Anthrax & Leprosey. Good dilemma.

Regards LT.
get "miriam" to ratchet strap "her" tackle out of harms way.......

threaten to beat miriam to a pulp should both your b0llocks come into contact a la "newtons cradle"

put in the doggy position, take up the dung pipe, think of england and tell yourself "they are all the same from the back"

tell no-one of your encounter.....
I've paid for it off worse than both of them.
Come on gents, start sparking! This is the NAAFI, roar one up Miriam's khyber and be done with it. Take a bit of jealous ribbing off your muckers for a month or so and be happy in the fact that you have got your milking thoughts jacked up for the next few weeks.
Miriam, on the basis that "she" is better looking than most of the munters I've been with before
(except the missus)
When I was young and foolish I've done worse than both of them, so all I can say is 'back in the day.......' either one would have been a result!"!!!!!
Come on, let's make it a really tough call..replace these photos with ones of a Cavalier and a Sierra!
I saw that show on TV, where a bunch of poor saps competed to see who would win a week on yacht with Miriam, as well as 10,000 pounds. It was sad to see the winner when he found out 'she' was a man, he was totally loved up with 'her'!

Personally I think I'd have serious problems getting it up for Buck Angel, that it is just too much like man.
Ah well , then again I,ve had uglier birds than Buck Angel pulled in the legend that was Scabs. Can I get away with just w@nking over Miriam & giving her a good spraying of manfat ??? As long as I don,t touch it that,ll be ok won,t it ?.

Regards LT.
Looks a bit like Sharon Stone actually.

I think I would go for Miriam, being a girl, I reckon to lots of boobs bumping each other must be quite alright - plus she still has a c.ock so at least we wouldn't have to incorporate any animals... :roll:
matt12 said:
It could be worse neither of them are fat :D
Or ginger! Miriam up the Khyber. At least s(he)'s got tits and is pleasing on the eye. Oh and definately lights off!

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