Which one of you degenerates was it then?

If the bloke was enjoying himself and nothing was irrepairably damaged, what's the problem?

We should embrace everyone and their beliefs and cultures, should we not?
I wonder how much alcohol you excrete in urine? I bet it was some tight-fisted Jock.
We've all drank that pint of pish hoping we get at least a measure of vodka out of it, not just a fiver, let's be honest here.
Oh my...
No, no, no ............. thank you very much. I now have a flashback aftertaste in my mouth reminding me of a particularly distasteful evening in the Leconfield NAAFI. Feckin para's, was'nt going to let them win hands down.
Some great comments on there too (anybody recognise anyone?):

Jon Bon Son · London, United KingdomI always do a poo in the urinal and stick a birthday candle in it.

Mick McNemesisIs anyone else having a wank when they read this?

Jack Cullen · London, United KingdomWow, that's a lot of effort when he could just go to Streams Of Pleasure at Central Station pub in Kings Cross on a Tuesday night. That's right. Put that in your pipe and Google it. Also - don't urinals self-flush with bleach?
I have been in a few bars in my day, and I've seen a lot of stuff, but never a piss dongeon. I would imagine the customers would be rattled though if they spotted an eyeball looking up at their meat & 2 veg. Kind of kinky, but I could deal with it I suppose. :p


I always liked the Coopers beers, but the blokes at the Liquor Barn in Bundaberg looked at me strangely when I asked for it. They did have it in stock though, maybe it was my accent.

...maybe I should have asked for a couple of bottles of piss.
Bundaberg? Do you have a purty mouth?

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