Which Olympic Athlete Are You

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by guzzijon, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. On a similar note to the 'How Fat Are You?' thread, here is one matching your vital statistics to an Olympic Athlete. It appears I am a freestyle wrestler- Augusto Midana, from Guinea-Bissau.

    BBC News - Your Olympic athlete body match
  2. 2 swimmers, a sailor and a female judo ninja!
  3. It turns out I'm a fuckin Uzbek weightlifter. I wanted to be Jess Ennis then I could have gone and wanked myself off in the mirror.
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  4. Ha! 2 swimmers and a taekwondo dude, the cheeky sods!
  5. Is there a Sumo event?
  6. You are most like:
    Jane Mayes
    Team GB

    1.73m, 5ft 8in

    88kg, 13st 12lbs



    Fucking lush
  7. ^. Pics? With tits out please.
  8. You are most like:
    Sir Chris Hoy

    Team GB

    Height 1.85m, 6ft 1in
    Weight 93kg, 14st 9lbs
    Gender Male
    Sport Cycling - Track

    Although naturally, much better looking.
  9. According to the link, I'm most like Lijiao Gong. A female Chinese shot putter at 5'9" and 17 stone.

    Fucking lush as well. I'm off to strangle the budgie.
  10. Why are none of you taller? If so you might get awarded a MALE athlete, you shrunken monkeys. And GET SOME EXERCISE!
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  11. Luckily, I now get to pierce my own nipples and admire them in a mirror, as I am a female Hungarian shot-putter. What a feckin strong right hand I have!

    Edited to add:

    I just googled her and I've changed my mind, I don't want to be her. She is way fatter than me, and that is something I don't need.

    Bastard BBC and their left wing views.

  12. I still want you to be her. Just for tonight.
  13. Righto, get yer fucken tits out then...
  14. Disappointed as I am like wrestler J. Lester or footballer Danny Rose.

    I was also hoping to be Jessica Ennis ... or a Brazilian volley ball lady.
  15. Oh fuck im fatima whitbtread