Which of your buggers flashed your dick in the Radio Times?


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OK - own up - who was it?

Radio Times forced to apologise after printing image of soldier's privates | Mail Online

They're well known for their macho humour and often crude practical jokes, so maybe the Radio Times should have seen this one coming. However, the TV listings magazine has been forced to apologise after it failed to notice that one cheeky member of the Royal Marines had exposed himself in a publicity picture published in last week's magazine.

Staff at the publication mistook the man's private parts for a finger, even though the man's arms are by his sides, and let the photo go to press uncensored. The unidentified soldier is one of 42 marines who lined up for the photo used to promote a new documentary entitled Royal Marines: Mission Afghanistan which will be broadcast on Channel 5.

Although I suspect having been accused of having a dick like a pencil, he might not live that down...

I can narrow it down to Legs or Jarrod
Never Jarrod! He's no bootneck! :omg::p


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BZ Royal.
I am surprised.
Only one?
It probably is a finger, just belongs the the lad behind him.

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