Which of you lot was it?

Come on - own up:

17 Minutes ago


Is this correct? Malvinas are ours! Eeenglish piratas go home! We won the war of liberation, our boys are heroes, you eenglish pigs, viva argentina, maradona hand of god jajaja, hehe, wibble wibble hatstand.
From the BBC's latest Falklands blather
Come on - own up:

From the BBC's latest Falklands blather
I thought the idea expressed at the end of the piece, that if the argues took the Falklands we would take them back!
Ye gods Cams with what? You know there is a consequence to slashing the army to a battalion of bottle washers and a Navy consisting of a row boat half-hunched off Hyde park lake?
Sounds like Cams has been at Ozzies Bolivian dancing dust to me

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