Which of these would be most entertaining to watch and why?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Just a civvy, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. 1. Josie Cunningham in an animal farm type vid (it's gonna happen eventually)
    2.America bombing the shit out of Kim Jong bad haircut?
    3.The politicians taking their turn through the operation yew tree wringer? Coming soon allegedly!
  2. No.1 for me. The look of utter despair in her eyes, as she realised that all her new free tits had brought her was the new low of being mounted by a rutting boar, that would amuse me for hours.

    Or a fly on the wall cam in 3123's bedroom when he regains consciousness this AM and remembers his drunken ramblings.
  3. I never thought of that,I take my vote back and go with door number one, thanks Bob.

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  4. 2 does it for me.

    Nothing like looking like a Russian General on a May Day parade. That's saying 'they' put (Commonwealth) troops on the ground - Korea MKII.
  5. I Forgot to put my choice in.
    Number 3 as most of the fuckers will deserve a bit of tabloid beasting.
  6. I'm a greedy bastard, so I choose all of the above.
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  7. No. 1. Anyone got any links for *ahem* research purposes?
  8. I'll go for 2 - it would be fun watching fat boy and his cronies being put on trial by a "free" north korean populace...


  9. Betcha thinking of it quite a bit now aren't you... :D
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  10. 2. Gangnam Style.
  11. Still 3. Watching them carted off one by one, each of them dropped in turn by their 'friends', their leaders going from full support to 'no comment' in an instant. Suicide, glassed or sugar-and-water'd in the nick, property empires confiscated to compensate the victims.

    It could go on for years.
  12. No 2. It won't be anywhere near the visual horror of No1. No3 will be a damp squib as the big players will have covered there tracks with good spoiler back stories again and only the small fry will get the beastings.
  13. You Sire, are guilty of unbridled wishful thinking.

    Me too, mind:)