Which newsreader does it for you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by compoman, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Come on now you have all fantasized about giving a news reader a good seeing to.
    Me i have a thing about suzana ried bbc1
    i can wank over her for hours she i without
    doubt my fav shag muffin.

    Whos yours.?
  2. Charlotte on sky news in the mornings. And weather girl Naz for seconds. Ahh noma noma nom.
  3. Lisa Gallagher on BBC Look North, I'd rickle her prune!

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  4. I was recently on a "hostile environment" course with Lorna Dunkley from Sky news. Very down to earth girl, smokes roll-ups. Her husband is punching well above his weight. She'd get it.

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  5. Mary Malcolm,sounds like she had a foxy family.Hmmm.For those with black and white televisions.

    Mary Malcolm, a former radio continuity announcer, fitted easily into place on TV and was seen as a good sport by her colleagues. Photograph: BBC
    The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Tuesday 19 October 2010

    This obituary of the postwar BBC television announcer Mary Malcolm said her mother, Jeanne-Marie, was the daughter of Lillie Langtry and Edward VII, the only one of his illegitimate children he acknowledged. Although Langtry was Edward VII's mistress, the father of her daughter was acknowledged to be Prince Louis of Battenberg, grandfather of Prince Philip.
  6. Sarah-Jane Mee, next question?
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  7. Huw Edwards, he's got big soft hands and would be a very considerate lover.
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  8. She's a bit skinny.

    But I would.
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  9. Aye it might be like rattling a Xylophone, but I definitely would.
  10. My pals a contractor at Media City where Breakfast is filmed, he isnt shy and has fessed up to wanking in most of the dressing rooms holding various undergarments under his sizeable schnozzer. He said she jumped in the lift with him with her hair all over the place and in jeans and trainers and she STILL looked mega.
  11. if you're going just from voice its got to be moira stewart
  12. If I woke up next to that, I'd belt it with a shoe.

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  13. Louise Hubball
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  14. No, he has more of a predatory rapist look about him.

    huw edwards.jpg
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  15. Goatrutar: I think soneone already has!

    Laura Tobin (BBC Weather) would get a mouthful.