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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Probably a bone place to put this thread, but it doesn't quite fit anywhere else either so here goes;

    I'm currently applying for money through my unit for a new stereo for our office. The problem I have is that I work inside a large secure vault, so the signal's not great. Can anyone recommend a worthwhile setup for less than £150?
  2. Grammarphone.....?
  3. If you can recommend a gramophone model with DAB/FM and an Ipod dock I'm all ears. :)
  4. Virtually any that will take an external aerial input, and then you will need an FM outsidey aerial.

    Why do you need a radio in the office? why should your unit pay for it?

    Awaits flak :soldier:
  5. As you have mentioned DAB it may be worthwhile checking out this thread ...


    Take care otherwise some flak may come your way .
  6. I'm a big fan of paying your own way through life, and you're quite right that the army shouldn't be expected to fund our entertainment. No one said we need one - but if a public fund exists, and will be lost altogether if it's not spent - where's the harm in trying?
  7. oh I don't think any defence money will be 'not spent' at the moment.

  8. A stereo no less not just a radio. IPOD docking station,what are you doing having warehouse parties in there on weekends?

    DAB with docking stations at Argos under £100


    Borrow someone else's DAB to see what the reception is like first though
  9. I was on the market for a stereo for the kitchen for the mrs, I found a sony that accepted bluetooth. That would be great for the office, everyone able to bt there favourite tracks to the stereo.
  10. I was being a clever fucker when I said iPod dock - don't see many gramaphones with them! I'm not picky, we just need a radio that works.

    I took my own Pure One into work today to test the reception, and was gobsmacked at how well it performed. It even picked up most channels from inside our vault with the door closed, no mean feat when you consider it's 1ft of solid steel. I've put in a request for two of these, they're perfect.
  11. Books gets on soap box:

    The harm is it is not lost it is returned to the public purse where it will be spent on something else. Inappropriate use of of funding has brought us to where we are today if you are happy to contribute to misuse carry on

    Books off soap box
  12. What a load of shite. It's a CO's fund, specifically put in place for the troops' WELFARE. Do you consider battlefield tours, team building days, etc to be a waste of money too? If you've ever served in the Forces you should give your head a wobble.

    If we don't spend it, some corrupt twunt in the corridors of power will. We get few perks as it is, so I have no qualms in taking of advantage of a small one such as this.