Which new (but second hand) car.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Johnny2Sheds, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Ok, here’s the story.

    I’m kind of forced by the prospective arrival of my first sproglet to give up my beloved Audi S3 for something a bit more practical. Either that or resort to using the mummy-to-be’s Megan as our ‘main’ car!

    I’ve got a budget of up to £15k, which will include trading in my S3.

    What I’ll be looking for is a diesel or LPG 4x4 or estate. Ideally I’d like a LR Discovery with 40 MPG, but that isn’t going to happen. But I am happy to trade off a bit of MPG for ‘Chelsea Tractor’ height and ability.

    So far, the best Chelsea Tractor I can find that I’d be happy to park up outside my gaff MPG-wise is a BMW X3 2.0D, which gets 40ish to the gallon As far as an estate is concerned, it’s again a BMW, this time a 320 D Touring or an Audi A4 Avant Quattro 2.0 D which gives less MPG than the Beemer. But the Audi does have 4-wheel drive rather than the Beemer rear-wheel drive and of course, people won’t hate me as much in an Audi as compared to the Beemer! I’d be ok with a SAAB 93 1.9 D estate, it’s got good MPG, front wheel drive and solid.

    Anyway, rather than trawl through Autotrader, Parker’s Guide and tyre kick at the local Swiss Tony’s, I’d thought I’d ask you lot for suggestions as to what else to have a look at.

    And if anyone wants to pay 4 grand over the odds for an S3 that’s been dealer serviced, driven like it was nicked and with excess mileage and a touch of rust, well, I’m your man!
  2. Look at a Subaru Legacy, 4 wheel drive, lots of room. Good engine and hardly ever go wrong. Servicing costs a little pricey but you can get some good deals. Not sure what sort of year you would be looking at for that money though.
  3. Saab 93 1.9 Tid I've had reliability issues with, all electrical including an air mass flow sensor that is integral with part of the inlet manifold. Five breakdowns in 3 years and 95,000 miles.
    Jag X Type 2.2 D has been solid as a rock, nice engine too very torquey, 50+ mpg on a long run be wary of the 2.0 D though a mate has that and its a bit on the sluggish side. Worst bit? Front tyres every 20K.
  4. I've a 2 year old, 2 litre diesel Passat estate. Plenty of room in boot and cabin. While not the biggest estate in it's range it comfortably takes my walking gear, dog, buggy and weekly shop. Lots of little cubby holes for stashing kid/dog related bits and bobs also. Not the most spectacular car but comfy, tons of room, fairly economical (average between 45-50mpg and reasonable to service). A decent drive, solid build quality and with a good safety rating.
  5. Subaru Legacy Tourer and Subaru Legacy Outback. Both available with a diesel engine from 2008 that does 50mpg, both of them four wheel drive. The Outback has a raised ride height. The Subaru Forester also came with the diesel engine and is a bit taller and more SUV like. All are excellent options that may just fit within your budget with some serious haggling.Subaru Legacy Tourer
    Subaru Outback
    Subaru Forester

    Skoda Octavia Scout - A 2008 with 10k mile will cost you £15k for the 2.0PD. Not the quietest engine in the world, but raised ride height, all wheel drive and 44mpg. Skoda Octavia Scout

    Most "dedicated" 4x4 vehicles are only as capable as the ones listed above. Unless you are the type of person who looks at front and rear angle of attack, breakover angle and rollover angle you're much better off with a safe estate (with 4wd if you want it) than any SUV.

    The following is a cracker, over 50mpg, quick, refined, excellent handling and loads of space. Again, an excellent option as long as you haggle slightly. Buyacar have new ones registered to you as second owner for almost the same price as a used one.Mazda 6
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll have a go at tyre kicking a few this weekend!
  7. Have a look out for black Mercedes diesels (at auction) which have been used as airport limo's. The bloke that pics me up from LHR told me that their firm gets rid of them when they have about 40k miles on the clock and that they go for around 12 k quid.
  8. Avoid the Subaru Boxer Diesel at all costs.

    The Saab will have come out of Vauxhall's parts bin, esp if its diesel or V6.

    The Jag is a Ford Mondeo with a pretty clothes and 4wd.

    The X3 looks rats, and the X5 is unable to go off road.

    Do you really need 4wd? Diesel don't forget you get better mpg but, dearer at the pump, shorter service intervals, more expensive parts, you need to be doing 18-22k per year to make it pay.

    Also don't forget manufacturers MPG is in a sterile environment (rolling road, indoors), and without the turbo kicking in, so everytime you hear that turbo whistle, the MPG has just gone out of the window.
  9. Yep, it's an Audi in all but name. Alternative would be the Mondeo TD.
  10. It's the VAG group (Volkswagon Audi Group), as time moves on they are all sharing more and more parts between Audi/VW/Skoda/Seat.
  11. Unfortuantly I found out that a Subaru Legacy is no match for a Volvo C30 in a head on smash or indeed on a very icey road!!

    I, luckily, was in my Volvo!

    Anyway, back to the question....

    Unless you really need a 4x4 for off road work, dont bother with one. Being a total Land/Rangerover fan I love them, but am sick and tired of the running costs. Not just fuel, but tyres, parts, road tax etc etc.

    Also, living where I do, in the middle of nowhere, its always the X5's, Patrols, Jeeps etc etc that are sitting upside down in the middle of fields when the weather is this bad.

    Weight plus height plus ice plus thinking you can drive them like a normal car spells crash. :p

    Have to say that the Volvo V50 is a stunning car. Good MPG in the diesel engined model or good fun in the T5.

    The XC series is even better, but less frugal and more expensive.

    My next car was going to be a Legacy, but seeing how it fell apart on contact with me, I think I will stick to a Volvo. :oops:
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Look at the badge on the back. Little golden stars? Like in Peter fucking Pan? Jesus.

    Hi. Hows it going? I always liked you.

    Right, heres the deal.

    Spend £3k on a pre-cherished Defender. It'll make clunking noises and the heater wont work, but buy it.

    Tell your lass she can borrow her Mams car to ferry the frog around the place. Spend the remaining £10k on sending a drugs mule to China.

    Buy a Bentley with the profit. Simples.

    You owe me two grand.
  13. Whatever car you decide on have look here first Car Reviews

    Oh and forget the X3, a mate had one it was pants.....

  14. Good way to decide on a car brand - "nah, the badge looks a bit pants, I know it's a free Roller and all, but I've never had a thing for the lady on the front" etc etc...
  15. check pm's leveller.