Which military hero would you prefer to sexually abuse you?

I prefer to be sexually abused by.....

  • Bill Slim-No drill for the Field Marshalls' bum boy.

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  • T.E Lawrence-This is my eighth pillar of wisdom.

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  • Mike Calvert-The master of deep penetration.

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  • Paddy Mayne-One of Them and one of Those?

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In the news here yesterday, three blokes have claimed that they had their botties fondled by Field Marshall William Slim when he was Governer General of Australia. Naturally, these repressed memories will come with a lawsuit against somebody. However, it started me thinking. If you had to be tampered with by an allegedly gay famous military figure, who would it be?


Brings a whole new meaning to the 'Ride of the Valkyries' :twisted:
Catherine the GREAT....................

Ooer............. get that bloody nag out of the way!
l/cpl_blowhard said:
ok its stretching it a bit >>>>Florence Nightingale :D
I could arrange that..............she's buried about three miles from here!
how about a tag team between MDN and FLASHY?

(define heroic.....you'd have to be brave to be within walking distance of those two in the same postcode..)
IckleMissNawti said:
hairyhandbag said:
Zena, the bloke without a c*** (stretching imagination here)
I've got that outfit haha :D
Yes, but can you get your knees behind your ears? :wink:

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