Which Militaries Accept commonwealth or other citizens?

If this has been asked before I apologize.
I know the British army accepts commonwealth citizens and I know the French Foreign legion accepts anyone. But are there other options?.
Information will be most appreciated.
I looked at the SFL but they seem a little sortof not really real and from what I have head mostely only accept poeople form south america but that's what I head there is a large possibility I am wrong.
You could lob the top of your foreskin off, convert to judaism and join the Israeli Defence Force, they have a foreign regiment that recruits from the Jewish disapora (i.e. Jews abroad).


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Mobat said:
hellmett said:
Spanish Foreign Legion?
I think that is Spaniards for foreign service, rather than foreigners serving Spain.
After 1987 they stopped taking foreigners and renamed it the Spanish Legion (Legión Española.)
In about 2001/2002 they reopened recruitment to citizens of EU countries, so you're out of luck Kaiser.

For potential recruits, learning to speak Spanish would be a good move though not joining them at all would be a better one.
If you don't mind being a mercenary then Blackwater or any of their competitors would be an option. I don't know much about it other than that it is viable. Some people who left my old unit and decided they didn't want to have to learn to speak French went to Iraq with them. Made a good deal of money, left after one contract though.

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