which lolly

I went to buy an ice lolly today, and fancied a strawberry mivvy.

They didn't have any so opted for a mint feast, once again there was none left or they simply didn't stock them

I've settled for a choc ice which isn't on my preferred list so am now feeling a little deflated.

Any other lolly dilemmas in this hot weather?

It might give us a break from the done to death mong threads and fcuking student dribble.
Yes is a mint feast a lolly ? - i thought a lolly was more of a fruit based type affair - the presence of ice cream clouds the issue.

Freeze Pop - Lolly
Cornetto - Ice Cream

Let us open the debate what is a Twister - Lolly or Ice Cream ( Fruit type centre = lolly, BUT Ice Cream Outer = ice cream) ????? :?
Calippo - love to crunch the fcukers up with my teeth and turning them into something similar to a slush puppy.

Though if the bird in the piccy melted my Calippo into a slush puppy for me by melting it between them lovely puppies of her own it'd taste far sweeter.

The geek tosspot student looking mong on the left looks like he's had far too many Calippo's though.


Is a solero the opposite of a twister

Twister ice cream on the outside fruity on the inside
Solero Fruity on the outside icre cream in the inside.

Hmm just answered my owm question :oops:

Worlds greatest ice cream / lolly or combination

Twister gets my vote
Fab Lolly.

I sat and counted the number of sprinkles on my fab lolly the other day, then the phone rang, it was my Mum she wanted to know if my Gran had phoned me but she hadnt so i said no but if she wanted i would hang up and call my Gran to find out what she wanted but my Mum said no, it wasnt important. I forgot how many sprinkles i'd counted so i started again, then ate my ice lolly which was a Fab.
I'm not a fan of FABs, I don't trust the coating on the middle section, its something to do with witchcraft.

I had a Mr Freeze (cola flavour but blue, possibly the topic of and enquiry in another thread) I opted not to slice the top off with scizzors but elected the rip the top off with your teeth method......... Big mistake, I ended up with a paper cut type injury on the inside of my right cheek.

As this injury occured an man walking a dog passed by the front of my house on the to return homeward 8 minutes later.

I'm not sure if the two incidents are related.
choc chip corneto's, does that make me posh (i know it makes me fat)
Whilst sitting in the heat of work have come across a dilemma in one of my earlier comments

Although proclaiming Twisters to be Gods greatest Ice cream / lolly combination i now have a hankering for a strawberry split...........

Hmmm the dilemma of what to but on the way home ??? - Suggestions please
by "but" i mean buy - i'm not a jockey
Screwballs are a man's lolly. Rock hard raspberry ripple icecream at -100 degrees C, only a weakened miniature plastic shovel to excavate it with. None of that poncey stick with a joke rubbish, even at the age of 7 I knew that life was no laughing matter and jokes involving penguins are no match for the relentless, bitter onslaught of pain and subjugation. At the end of it all you have the russian roulette of confectionaty - the bubblegum ball. According to Kelly Wilson, I was taking my life into my hands every time I chewed on one of those bad boys. One boy swallowed it by accident and it sat in either his tummy or his adams apple (depending on which coroner's report you believe) and he turned blue and died on the slide. Nasty way to go out.
Stopped off in St Mary's Bay on the way back from Lydd and had a Mr Whippy 99 this lunch time. It was very nice, although I did get some funny looks queueing up behind the bikini-clad chav slappers(innit).

Lollies are for hermersekshuls.
Luxury...you lot dont know you were born, as a child were so poor we had to make our own ice lollies with dilute orange juice in the ice cube tray with cut off cotton buds as sticks........ posh kids had those plastic handle ones in the shape of boats with a little straw on to suck the melted juice up.
Then i started puberty and touching hamptons so wasnt much interested in ice lollies then.
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