Which Leatherman? (Or Gerber)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wg100, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. I previously had a Leatherman Wave, however I either lost it (unlikely) or it was nicked (most likely).

    Christmas is coming and I'm putting together a wishlist. Which Leatherman (or Gerber) should I go for and why?

    Thanks Muchly

  2. The charge is good if exspensive
  3. I got a Gerber Legend in the PX for £35. I can honestly say it is the Dogs Danglies. :D :D
  4. used to have a gerber legend. outstanding.

    some cnut nicked it. if i find out who ill use it to cut his balls off.

    Now using a SOG tool. utterly brilliant. engineering is the best ive used. very very robust, and you can use spanners to take apart and add new blades / tools or replace them. what a brilliant idea.

    I also use cheap crappy 4.99 multitools around work when it might attract the attention of light fingered cnuts to use something good.

    whatever you do, buy on ebay, especially from the US. Get them to put gift, or handtools on the customs declaration. You then dont pay tax.
  5. i paid about 50 for the SOG from the states. less than half price.

    better than the 90 i paid for the legend(had a 10% off with ID card...)
  6. If your ever in Brick Lane on a Sunday morning, look out for the Chinese geezers selling leatherman copies for a Tenner. Corner of Sclater and Eversholt street, little parking lot with stalls laid out. Straight reverse engineered quality copies They dont have 'Leatherman or 'Gerber' written on them so trading standards cant seize them unless they are sold to minors. I've got two. Had them for 2 years now and as good as new.

    Dont buy any fags from them. They are lethal. And dont buy any DVDs. Most of them dont even play on region 1/2 machines. Those that do are poor quality, ofthen with chapters missing
  7. My Leatherman Supertool 200 came from an Austrian shop via E-bay. Brand spanking new with a buy it now price 60euros.

    Was I chuffed? Very.

    It is the only one I have owned but it does what I require of it.

    I find that securing it with a piece of Para cord attached to the pouch which in turn is on my belt prevents it going walkies or being lost when dropped.

    E-bay is definitely the way forward!
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I recently got one of those tiny blue Leatherman thingies in the US, it is primarily a set of scissors with a blade and a couple of screwdrivers. The whole thing is only about 1 1/2 inches long and is a superb little back up toy.

    edited to add link.

    Leatherman Squirt

    I have one of these as the main item...and very good it is too.

    Gerber Blunt Nose
  9. Not a leatherman but great for knives


    i and a few outher people got some stuff of him if you ask him he will probley get you a leatherman or what ever you want
    it all comes in from the states very good quality stuff.

    if you want to contact him mp me.
  10. Gerber is the way to go, i find them much more solid and the blades last longer!
  11. I,ve always been disinclined to blow 90 quid on something that can so easily be lost. To this end I,ve had many a cheap and cheerful pseudo leatherman, the best of which was the Coast pocket mechanic, which cost about £12 from a local camping shop. It was a brills bit of kit as it had an adjustable spanner included. Unfortunately mines at the bottom of the Asia Pass!
    I am currently using a Schrade Tough tool which I picked up for $20 in the PX in Doha. Its american made, as good as a Gerber, but I wont be so out of pocket if it fails an unscheduled float test.
    When someone brings out one of these things with a built in flotation bag I'll be quite interested.
  12. Most gerbers have a lanyard hole? Thats one way not to lose it
  13. my leatherman blades have last years and they are still pretty sharp
  14. I use the Swiss Victorianux Multi tool Stainless and quality.