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Sadly my Granddad died a short while ago, and his Son wants to ransack his worldly possessions. My Granddad was in Korea and got the UK and UN Korean medals. Now, his Son is attracted to anything with potential value and despite having no interest in his Dad in the years prior to his death, wants anything he can get hold of now. My Mum - knowing my connection to the weekend warriors - wanted me to have both, but he won't have it.

So my question, which one has more 'authenticity'? I don't give a toss about the monetary value, but in an ideal world I would have both mounted with his discharge book and papers. The mercenary git would have it all for himself and sell the lot though.

I'm guessing that for us a British issued medal is worth more than a UN one? The UN one looks identical to the crappy Oculus one I have.
If the medals simply have to be split up, I'd recommend insisting on receiving the U.K. issue medal. It would be more valuable for one thing and you can always get a U.N. Korean medal from any medal dealer if you wanted to recreate your grand-dad's gong entitlement for a shadow-box display. I would imagine the U.N. Medal wouldn't cost very much.


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Thanks for that.

That's what I thought, as the U.K. one is issued with service number, name and Unit inscribed. The other one is generic. Like I said, I don't care about the value. I just want it displayed somewhere.
If you are truly convinced that he is only after them for the money, then I would be inclined to have a nose through google etc and see what these are going for and then make him an offer (say 50% of value on the basis that you were going to share them anyway), saying that you want to keep them together.

If he isn't that switched on to this and you can get away with it, then just buy another cheap "replacement" set and swap them and say that it isn't worth the argument and that he can have the medals if you can have the paperwork. I know it is a little dishonest but things like this, should stay in the family where possible in my opinion.

Sorry, meant to add, that if you get the choice of the two, go for the UK issued one as that is the one with his details on it and the one that you can personally trace to him.

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