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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by partyr, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Could somebody please tell me which JSP states which ranks can share hirings when stationed overseas, this will be for a mid-assignment move, the unit want to move a OF4 in with a OF3, and a OR7 in with a OR4. I'm not totally convinced this is appropriate, any advice given concerning this matter would be appreciated. Already scanned through JSP 464 Pt3, no luck.
  2. deleted for answering my own question below!
  3. JSP 464 TSARs pt 2 Annex A


    d. Only one authorised single (or unaccompanied) occupant per surplus SFA (no sharing).
  4. Thanks very much, but I think the term given to housing here is hirings, does the same rule apply?
  5. Yes. When a hiring is taken on by the MOD it is treated in the same manner as normal SFA, less maintenance, which is done by the landlord, or his agent.
  6. Not sure that is entirely correct.

    Personnel posted to London, married unaccompanied or single, are clearly told that only field officers (Sqn Ldr/Maj/Lt Cdr) and above are permitted to live alone. All other ranks are required to share hirings. This is what is breifed and enforced; not sure what JSP supports this.

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