Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Romeo_Oscar, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. I've read many things here about which is better. Linguits or Analyst. Darksider or Lightsider.

    I've passed the BARB test and the ADSC and I'm looking to join the Int Corps. Can anyone help on this?
  2. you might want to add some more options then, young padowan :)

    (relax, it's lunch break)
  3. On the darkside it's fairly simple; the linguists do all the work, the analysts take all the credit. :roll:

    CR's right, you need some more options for lightsiders.
  4. Hope you aren't at work! other options might include, brewmaker, biscuit bitch and CR's catemite (2 of these are genuine options in CR's office-the choice is yours) :D
  5. Suggestions please on the 'other jobs' lads. I'm only young Padowan...
  6. Linguits must speak obscure and mis-spelt languages
  7. Welsh, you mean? :)
  8. Short for Orepator Linguits?
  9. I have just received a speeding ticket in Welsh. B@stards! 35 Mph in a 30 Mph zone. 60 quid and three points. Must have been a mobile sheep camera.

    However, as I'm not a linguist I cant tell what it says. :D
  10. Both trades you mention belong(ed) to the Darkside. Except there aren't any analysts any more. Apparently we don't need them.....
  11. Perevodchik is correct, and the biggst loss to the Corps is the analyst trade. Analysis is somethign that can be taught but as usual, when the belt is tightened the Corps falls back on the old adage that it employs intelligent personnel therefore they can analyse. Wrong!! they can collate (see any dim-sider) but they can't all pull the intelligence out of that collation. It doesn't need to be the old 12/16 week course (although that would reap benefits from moment 1) but a good four week course would suit. I know of the IPC at Chicksands but that (certain parts of) should be given to all Int Corps soldiers not just those destined for a certain posting.
    Rant over.
  12. If we don't need them, what are all the spare-cocks doing then? :wink:

    The Corps is clearly aware of the need for analysis training (see Cognitio 76), but it seems blatantly apparent that nothing has actually been done about it.
  13. So what are the jobs currently available in the Int Corps after you finish Phase 2? I had thought you get taught intelligence analysis as part of Phase 2 training together with introductions to security, counterintelligence, combat intelligence, humint, imint and sigint...?
  14. you need to rethink then. They get taught collation not analysis. You might get posted to an Sy section, cool you are taught Sy, fence checking etc. You may getposted to an Int Section, collation city. You may get posted to Digby or 14 Sigs, analyisi req'd OJT goodbye to your first 12 months until you learn something.
  15. Don't you start poking me with a stick, ya wee wart!