Which job to pick?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Miffman, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. I can't decide on which job i should pick, I originally wanted to be a RLC Driver, my advisor tried to change my mind because I scored 86 on the BARB test and have 8 GCSE's above c, she tried to push me towards Comms system operator, she said I would learn more plus there was a payout of £1000 to join and I would start immediatly (which I need), I cant afford to wait until next year to start so I was looking for a job without a large waiting list.

    But after reading up on the comm sys op. a lot of people were saying that they were sat on a base just relaying messages, I wanted a job where I would be out and about, not stuck in one place, hence the driver choice.
    My other option she advised me on was recon with the RAC but that didnt start until Jan.
    I gave her these three as my choices, and have an interview with her on tuesday but am starting to have second thoughts on the jobs I've chosen.
    Is RLC driver really as bad as people on here are making it out to be? I was sure on it until I saw the amount of negative comments on here, also how easy would it be to change jobs across units? Say if I completed basic training, but then decided I wanted to go into the Amoured Corps instead of driver, or maybe REME as a mechanic (I have some mechanical engineering experience already but was told there was a long waiting list for mechanics too)

    Any help or suggested jobs would be much appriciated, but I need a job which starts soonish, not next year, and I dont want to be stuck at a desk so to speak

    Oh and also, where are the most common postings for RLC drivers? I have a 8 month old son and my partner and I can't decide if they should follow me to where I was stationed or not, so that could be a facotor on deciding what job I go for, and is my advisor going to get annoyed because 2 days before my interview im having doubts about which job I want to go for?

    Sorry about the 50 million questions in one go =]
  2. Your recruiter is right, but who cares just do the job you want to, im overqualified for the job im doing (AAC) and they tried pushing me into the int corps and stuff but just tell them no you want to be a driver in the RLC,

    As for getting in soon, I wouldn't get your hopes up too much theres a big backlog of potential recruits and i heard the staff at glasgow were working voluntary weekends so they could process as many through, so they are trying really hard.

    RLC is a very quick job to get into though, so you may get lucky and get off to basic for october or november provided you pass selection first time round etc. and nothing starts hindering your application, me and my best mate discharged 3 years ago from basic, we both rejoined at the same time, i had to wait a good year to get in, and he got in within 5 weeks (RLC driver).

    Go onto the ARRSEpedia look up the RLC, it should tell you all the postings and regiments within the corps, handy little tool on this website :)

    You can change your capbadge anytime before your RSO interview at the end of ADSC, because once you pass ADSC and do that interview that is the decider of wether your in or not,

    You can of course join the RLC to get into training quickly, then either when your halfway through basic ask if you can be re-badged, and they will check up with the CO to see if there are places for it, and phase 2 slots etc or do the RLC, do phase 2 etc get to your unit and apply for a transfer, at least then you could get somethings out of phase 2 like your HGV licences and stuff.
  3. Not speaking from experience here but be very careful about just picking which ever job gets you in soonest for obv reasons
  4. Aye. Best to choose something that you will enjoy most. My Rec Sgt tried persuading me to join the Coldstreamers, his Regt, and said id be in fast. But tbh i want HCAV so im happy to wait and get the job id enjoy
  5. I know you say that you need to start earning but have you considered A-levels. You are clearly academically 'clever' enough and it could open up even more options. You could get a part time job whilst doing it if you realy do need to start getting the cash in.
  6. I went to college, dropped out after 18 months because I hated it so dont particually want to go back down that route..

    With regards to time frame, the sheet which my advisor printed off said the next selection for RLC driver was start of august, but thats the job I wanted since I first decided to join up so I didnt pick that one to get in quickly, although that is the only reason I have considered the Systems Op. Hopefully I'll get through selection, the run worries me, on a treadmill i do it in 8/9mins easy, but on the road its a different story lol, I can tell gym work has improved me though, in only a few weeks my push-up and sit-up reps have increased loads so hopefully I wont have too much of a problem.

    Cheers for the advice, much appriciated, I think I'll stick with the Driver even though I know the advisor is going to try to push me in another direction, but at least I know that with the Driver job I'll be out and about, even if it does end up just driving up and down roads delivering bog roll
  7. RLC driver is a shite job unless you are out on operations and actually moving kit that needs moving ;)

    But apart from that, we dont need them at the moment and it certainly isnt a job they are pushing to put people into quickly.

    Comms Sys Op has better pay, recognised qualifications, is likely in the future to give you the chance to get integrated into the other cap badges to operate their radio equipment and IT (especially the Infanty if your soldiering skills are good).

    It also carries a £1250 bonus for having GCSE's

    And it is a trade that the Army is now crying out for.

    Dangerous information that to be honest, i certainly wouldnt join any old trade in the hope of being able to transfer later on, some do but lots do not and getting stuck in a job for the sake of getting into the Army quicker might be fine if you are looking to laterally to a job that requires a similar level of brain power (for want of a better description), but there is no guarantee that they will move you up to a better qualified job (and more often than not, do not ;) ).

    And for the record in the whole of my career as a Comms Sys Op (mind its changed names plenty of times over the last 22 years :D ) i have never sat on a base sending messages, i spent most of my time on a 2 person detachment maintaining 5 radio links as part of a major network that supported the whole of the Battlegroup whenever it was deployed (just as one part of the job), nowadays you can find the Comms Sys Ops in a Forward operating base in Afghanistan just as much as you will find them on exercise training, but its rare they stay on camp to do their job ;)
  8. Aye five....I imagine its changed since ya were first sat down behind ya morse code set? ;) hehe just joking mate. Was just about to say it seemed like risky advice to join any old corps in the hope of bein able to swap
  9. Fivetodo, I've been reading odds and sods about this but not been able to find any clear answers on here. I think I'd learn slightly more to the Comms Sys Engineer - does that trade attract similar golden hello's? How different is the work to the Op? I've read around them on the army jobs website and it seems to be that the operator role is a bit more hands on if you see my meaning.
  10. Comms Sys Engineer is in my opinion the top technical trade in R Signals, it combines the Communications Technician trade and also the IS Engineer trade and provides the fastest promotion, the best qualifications and the best money in the Corps, it is a technical trade for most part, the Comms Sys Operator is just that, they operate the equipment that the Sys Engineers fix.

    The same 'golden hello' is available from what i remember to the Comms Sys Engineer too (but i will confirm that for definite tomorrow when i am back at work).

    And they are still being recruited.
  11. miffman,

    With those quals and BARB score have you considered becoming an Ammo Tech. It comes with a golden hello (currently £2500 i think). Promotion is quick (Sgt in 4-5 years) and you can also earn extra pay (between £7 - £20 a day).

    The trade is short on personnel so if you express an interest you should not have long to wait before you join.

    PM me if you want to know more.
  12. Yeah the engineer gets the golden hello aswell (thats what I was told at least)
    Although I've now found a leaflet which was put into one of the booklets I was given with info about the Queens Dragoons FR team which although I wouldn't get in until Jan I guess that means I would wait 3 months, then 3 months basic, then join up.
    The thought of possibly being a sniper is one which jumps out to me because I've always been facinated by them, the only thing to think about is they are stationed in Germany and me and my partner can't decide if she is going to follow me where I go with my baby. What is camp life like for partners and children since I havn't had much info on that, he's only 8months so we arn't looking at schooling yet, would she be able to go back and forth from Germany to England as and when she wanted for instance if I was deployed could she stay in England for 6months until I came back?
  13. Thanks for that fivetodo - good to know! I'll keep an eye out for the confirmation.

    How fast is the promotion for the Coms Sys Engineer? Does it stack up to Op Military Intelligence (my most likely first choice)?

    AT is one I've been heavily considering as well so that's quite interesting to read.
  14. Int Corps get theirs straight from Phase 2 if i recall correctly and are one of the quickest to get promoted as i think their phase 2 course is only 5 months, but in fairness you would be better off asking someone in the Int Cell forum :)
  15. fivetodo what is the process for selection for the systems engineer? Do you have to attend a weeks recruitment, or are you just accepted for the job? When I looked at job choices I was put off by a few, as the recruiter said you would be selected at the end of basic. (top few percent given best jobs)