Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by auzzy, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. hi guys

    i wanted to know what you guys think is the better job.

    Tank Crewman - RA.
    Pioneer - RLC.
    Petroleum Op - RLC
    Driver Radio Op - RLC.
    Technical Suppy Specialist - R Signals
    crewman technical - Royal Artillery
    Dog Trainer - RAVC.

  2. You're a wind up, aren't you..??
  3. none, go inf for violence and aggression, or RE for career
  4. I'd go for the Tech Sup Spec R Signals. Its not the best job, but you'll be in far better company.
  5. Must be.

    Why not join the RAVC?
  6. Tech Sup Spec better class of dogs in R Signals than RAVC
  7. Now, Now...

    I have a couple of STUNNERS........
  8. Get down the gym then!
    If you mean totty, pics are required, you know my email. And don't abuse your appointment.
  9. Ha Ha.... as if..!!

    You coming down the Gym with me....??
  10. That'll be right. Has it got a viewing area?
    Watching the game on Football First!
  11. No, a hugely confused dolt
  12. Now ask yourself the question, "Which one can I use best when I leave the Army?"

  13. None of the Above.
  14. Go for RAVC, that way not only will you be dogging all the time, it also gives the opportunity to experiment with other animals.
  15. None of them, why do you ask? Prat!