Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. i Apoligise if this has come up before but i have been asking around different friends from different capbadges/stars which is the best and most reliable and comfortable daysack my old issued one has started to see better days and is breaking my back.

    the ones discussed is the berghaus munro, arktis, and one from hm supplies

    any advice welcome
  2. Never had any dramas with Munro, good bit of kit. I imagine there are probably better daysacks on the market by now though, they have been around for years. Look pretty ally though!
  3. I got rid of my Munro a while back, then went over to using the issued patrol sack!
    Wish i hadn't now, anyone know where to pick up a cheap one? :D
  4. H3

    H3 LE

  5. Karrimor's Sabre are brilliant sacks, well made, designed etc. A bit expensive but you get what you pay for.

    I had one for a few years then rather stupidly sold it.

    Now I use a BOWMAN readio operators sack, adapted for use as a patrol sack, thats great as well because its made by Karrimor and based on the Sabre.

    I dont think there is anything better.

  6. ...Never touch that Arktis or Webtex...Sh1te..Like throwing your money at a Crack Hoar...Useless.....
    Still got my Berhaus Dart 45...16 Years....Ive thrown everything at it...Beasted on Ops and Mountain Exercises...Bloody thing keeps coming back for more...Pastings..Quality....

    Berghaus.....The Dogs Danglies...Here..
    Click on Gear,Rucksacs, Military and display product...

    Or Here...

  7. Try this bad boy:

  8. ...Quality... :wink:
  9. Have a look at the Lowe Alpine range as they seem pretty good. Got a couple myself. Solid and will stand up to lots of wear and tear.
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    yep, arktis daysacks leave well alone, I was really let down by the quality of the daysack to be honest absolute dogger.
  11. Erm... just to be controversial, I've had an Arktis 40l jobby (the one you can zip the issue pouches on the side) for a couple of years and it's done the job brilliantly.

    Really comfortable (even with a heavy load) and it follows the KISS principles.

    Considering it only cost about £25 I'm well happy.

    You watch - the b*stard will fall apart next time I wear it in a section attack!
  12. I had an Eagle Industries daysack before some thieving pikey gypsy mutherfcuker cnutflapping knacker gippo nicked it between Basra and the UK.

    I got it from the PX in Tusla in Bosnia about 6 years ago and despite me constantly trashing it, it was absolutely fantastic and bombproof.

    I've now got a Camelbak Motherlode and that is just as good as my previous daysac.

    But I do want my old daysac back....
  13. Camelbac motherlode is a great sac .Very exspensive in the uk and probably a bit too complicated for a patrolsac imho.Softie rocket pac good basic sac but with side pockets its huge.
  14. You're not wrong-I bought mine this time last year in sunnier climes at a yank base px and paid 60 quid for it.

    They cost £130 in the UK....
  15. munro is the best all rounder for the right price as it is strong and durable. had mine for 12yrs, no dramas so far!