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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Little_Miss, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently doing military fitness course to help me out with my run time so I can pass ADSC, we do a lot of tabbing and hill running in full combats and boots and I am currently wearing a pair of magnums that are shredding my feet to pieces. I am continuously getting blisters and have problems on every exercise we do.

    I need to get a new pair of boots that will be comfortable for doing tabs and long distance and mountain walks, but also need to be used as a day to day boot to do fieldcraft and classroom lessons in. In short an all round purpose boot.

    I have read around the forum and it would seem that the Lowa and Altberg boots are highly rated. Each having good and bad points, but what is the best one for me? I can't decide what are better, gore-tex or non gore-tex boots?

    Any ideas would be most appreciated :D
  2. Go and try them on, have your feet measured correctly, sat down and stood up. Try them on, walk around in them.
  3. On the goretex/non-goretex note:

    Goretex will keep your feet dry.
    Non-Goretex won't.

    (Putting it as simple as possible).
  4. I would, but there are no shops around me that sell them, it seems that the only place I would be able to get them is online. :(
  5. I know that this may come across as all old fartish, however, I am not trying to be awkward :D

    You need to toughen your feet up and this takes time. Start of with just the chosen boot and only walk until you get hot spots, if you want to go further use a zinc oxide tape/vasaline

    Don’t walk until your feet are in bits. Over time build the weight and distance (you can go out almost daily). If you toughen the skin on your feet you will find that issue boots are more than adequate.

    Sits back and waits to be told he is talking sh*t :D :D

  6. I've been wearing the Magnums for about 5 months, doing different walks and runs in them, but I always have the same problems. I have been using Surgical Spirit to help toughen my feet up but it doesn't seem to help.

    I completed the 3 Peaks walk on Tuesday and it's the final straw, my feet are covered in blisters and the skin has peeled everywhere else making it painful to walk on. I think I really need to find another alternative if I am to continue training. :x
  7. It is too wide a subject, two pairs of thick socks, one thin cotton inner pair against outer walking socks, I dont agree with the toughening argument (which can include pissing on your feet) its more a getting them used to what you want of them scenario.
  8. From personal experience i would very highly recommend a pair of 5.11 Tactical ATAC Storm Boots. Ive had mine for 3 years now and theyve never let me down.

    Not only is it a much smarter looking boot than Altbergs or Lowas its also a fraction of the cost at around £90. Comfortable as hell and brilliant for everything you can think of, including a nice long CFT or hill walking, ive never had a blister yet.

    Only problem is you can only get them online and from reading some of your posts im guessing your looking for a proper shop.

  9. I agree, it really is horses for courses, I did Nijmegan the other year with one pair of socks and issue boots, we started training in the January for an event in July.

    I guess some peoples feet shapes are more suited to different types of boot, however, regardless of what boot you wear you still have to put the long hard miles in
  10. Buy online and try. If they don't suit you return them within 1 week under the Distance Selling Regulations, as is your right to do so. :D
  11. Over time I have tried different things to help improve the comfort. I have found that wearing a thin cotton sock under a thick walking sock helps but I still have the same problems.

    I'm more concerned now as I have a 42 mile walk in 3 weeks and I dont think that my feet will be able remain blister free for more then 5 miles. Dropping out isnt really an option I want to take.
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    caarps is spot on, if it fits wear it. this is not crow 101. good luck
  13. The army will choose a boot that suits the majority, first port of call has to be what is issued to you, it statistically should be good for you. Assuming you do not had the average foot then go find what is comfortable.

    Put a good middle/long distance runner in a pair of wellys, they will beat the average squaddie in a run as they are fitter.

    Comfortable boots will not make you a good tabber/runner, but may make the journey acceptible.
  14. I understand what your saying, I know that the boots will not make me fitter, its just a case of finding a pair of boots that don't cause as much damage to my feet. I haven't been issued with a pair of boots, I purchased the magnums about 3 years ago when I was a cadet, they were mainly for going on the ranges with, I had no intension of using them for running or walking in.

    It is only now that I have started the training that I have begun using them again, and to be honest I need a new pair as they begining to break anyway.
  15. By "buy online and try", I mean try as in at home or on a treadmill, but not miles in the outdoors....