Which is the best UK Private Security Firm in Iraq?

MODs, if this is in the wrong place - please move it as you see fit, not the hole though pleeeeeeeeease.

I've posted this on the Infantry thread, only inasmuch that I figure you guys probably have the highest percentage of mates, who've left the mil and gone into the Private Security Sector.

I'm not after any dirt, on any of them, just an overall feeling of who the most respected firms are and why. I know it sounds like a journo question (and look forward to seeing this thread, in the lazy journos paper of choice in a few days)!

No, Im not looking to work for one, but need to know how it all works out there. If I want to read advertorials, I can Google, but trust ARRSE more.

Dons CBA, shuffles into fire trench and awaits what's about to fall out of the sky on me. Thanks for taking the effort to read and comment. :)


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there are lots of good companies working out there, basicly as a rule of thumb, if you know someone who works for one best to hear it from the horses mouth.

The ones i would direct you to are:

AEGIS, come up all rounders on pay (slightly less than some but still ok) and welfare packages (ie accom, and facilities)

CRG, recruits proffesional staff, appears to have a thing at the moment for royal irish / RUC, but will look at anyone if they have the fit.

Armour group and Olive much of a muchness and very much on par with above.

I will not say who to avoid (purely because its not my place to slag off companies, but there are PSC's that if i was to work for i would know its at my own risk)

i would advise if you are interested try one of the above 4, and feel for the lay of the land while you are in theatre, if you want a side move to another PSC it can be done, but only when you go with your eyes open.

hope that is what you were looking for
TFR - you're a star - appreciate it.

Puttees, I wouldn't trust Group 4 with Victoria Beckham's bling collection. There again, I doubt Victoria would either!


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just one more thing if you are interested, and you do look at other companies, always ask who the contract provider is. If it is MNF or consulate, you will have MNF backup.

if it is not then you can assume that you are on your own when the proverbial happens!

Pay works very much on a risk reward basis, if you want popstar wages, expect to be on your own.


This is a very broad ranging question, as you need to define the type of work you would ideally like to do High profile PSD, low profile PSD, Static guard, convoys etc.

However broad brush (everyone has different opinions):

Aegis very good rate of pay is above average (althought this does depend on what contract you are on) Also good terms and conditions.

Armour Gp mainly do convoy work, lots of contacts both IED and SAF, pay is not good either, you end up working with lots of fijians beacuse they get paid less.

CRG I have had no contact with personally but have heard pay is pretty low around £150 per day.

One of the best payers is a company called Pilgrims, however generally unless you are ex-sf they wont be intrested.

There are lots of companies currently working in Iraq, I would suggest applying to all of them and if you are lucky and get offered more than 1 job then pick the one with the best offer. You may find you have more luck with the smaller companies e.g. Britam, Sabre, Blue Hackle etc.

The only one that I would definlty avoid is Secuiforce, 3rd rate kit, limited armour, no support. But then again it is a foot in the door and if you are strapped for cash then go for it.

Post any furthe questions and I will attemp to answer them.
bluehackle are good. They employ lots of, you guessed it, ex blue hackles that I know but also other less good looking people as well... :) Run by two former blue hackle officers and quite switched on. They were looking to start their own "keeniemeeny" airways at one stage.

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