Which is the best TA RLC Regt?

Which TA Regt has the best reputation among the RLC population?

Not a matter of "who do I want to join", I just wonder which Regt (if any) people think is best at it's job.
I know come july it will be 5 Regt.
dingerr said:
I know come july it will be 5 Regt.
But they are not a TA Regt they are a Regular regiment that delivers TA individual and collective training
I can tell you with certanty that the best TA RLC Regt is not the one I am in
I'd like to say that it's the Regiment that i am the PSI for. But i won't, cos it isn't :wink:
Shouldn't this question be:

Which TA RLC Regt is the least shit?
STR, seconded. I served in two, have great memories of both, but STR were the best at their role.
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